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GoS_med-logo-whiteThe Empire is at war with the Federation. Warriors from all over the Empire and it’s conscripted Allies have joined the fight. We are no different. The Warriors of Sto’vo’kor are here to serve and to gain honor and glory for the Empire!

We welcome all hails from our fellow warriors. Direct them to or use the form below to have tell us what you want. If you have ideas or suggestions; we want to know about them. And, if you want to complain, be prepared to meet our bat’leths.

Qapla'! You have taken the first step in speaking with the Warriors of Sto'vo'kor. We want to hear from you.
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  1. Do you have a Gates of Stovokor Channel on In-game Chat? KDFAssistance is good, as well.

    This week is Klingon Awareness Week in STO. See you there…


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