The Empire


14 years ago, Chancellor J’mpok succeeded Martok through personal combat and began a campaign to expand the Empire. Under J’mpok’s leadership, the Orions quickly joined the Empire. His campaigns against the Gorn and Nausicaans and eventually the Federation have solidified his role as Chancellor. With an expanding Empire, there was enough honor and glory for everyone.


Klingons FightJa’rod of the House of Duras captured an Undine while on shore leave. He took command of the IKS Klang and begin an investigation of the Undine threat. Later, when Councilman Konjah was discovered to be an Undine infiltrator, J’mpok offered Ja’rod the seat on the High Council. Ja’rod turned down the position.

The Empire turned their attention to the Gorn.  A prolonged war erupted. The Orions aided the Empire, while the Nausicaans provided the Gorn with assistance. The Gorn ultimately surrendered and joined the Empire.

The Federation stuck their noses into our business with the Gorn. Toral, son of Duras, used an explosive device to prevent them from Bird of Preyinterfering. The Federation condemned us for the war with the Gorn and our request for assistance as mandated by the Khitomer Accords was refused. It was a matter of honor that the Empire withdrew from the Khitomer Accords. The Federation began fortifying their outposts and colonies along our borders. When Chancellor J’mpok invoked ancient Klingon claims to the Hromi Sector, war with the Federation broke out.

The Empire invaded Korvat, the Archnis Sector, and the Federation wanted to talk peace. We refused and continued to expand the Empire’s influence. With our allies at our side, the Empire attacked Cestus III. The war continues. Soon, the Federation will have nowhere to run to escape the grasp of the Klingon Empire.


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