His great grandfather, Gor’bak of the House of Lo’jak, lost his life in a challenge to his seat on the Klingon High Council against Torton of the House of B’run. The lies and half-truths that Torton presented to the High Council forced them to disband the House of Lo’jak and levy dishonor upon the decendants of Gor’bek for three generations.

Korrath was the first of his generation born free of his great grandfather’s dishonor. Growing up, he heard stories of the glorious deeds of his ancestors accomplished for the Empire. It inspired him to form a new House, the House of Korrath, to regain the honor that his family once had.

Korrath built his house from the ground up. It’s reputation was earned with his cunning wit and skill with a bat’leth. When the Empire declared war against the Federation, his warrior spirit called him to the front lines. With battle comes honor, and with it the hope of regaining his rightful seat on the High Council.

Wa’maH wej

Wa'Mah Wej

Having all matter of honor and identity stripped from me, forced into a living Grethor as I watched my own hands assimilate or destroy others. Were it not for a daring raid led by Honorable 13, herself a Liberated Borg, and her crew of the Hegh Hov, I’d be continuing to do so.

“Liberated Borg”, they called me.  I didn’t feel very  ‘liberated’.  She then told me, “Go, reclaim your seat in Stovokor. For every life taken as a drone, send twice the Empire’s enemies to Grethor.  One day there will be songs of the likes of you and I.”

I took the name Wa’mah wej, in honor of her and set out to serve the Empire and rediscover my Klingon heritage.  Battle and Bloodwine call to me, and yet raucous laughter eludes me.

One day, the Borg Queen will feel my blade at her  neck.




My birth name is no longer important as I have been relieved of my family’s honor, my house, and my duty to the Empire. When the Borg took my mate from me, I could not turn to the Empire for help, and the Federation ignored my plea for assistance. I learned a valuable lesson that day. The only person I can depend upon is the reflection in my mirror.

I go by many names. Most know me as SuDrol, Yellowbeard, but my friends call me G’hargh. I am now a Privateer for the Empire. I surround myself with ruthless cutthroats, and when my ship appears on sensors, most flee knowing that the Empire’s most ruthless pirate approaches.

My Commission gone. My house destroyed. I serve the Empire as long as the Empire serves me. Revenge is my only sustenance. Destruction is the way I slake my thirst. Honor my only guide. The Duy vo’ Hegh my only lover. I am G’hargh, a pirate of the Empire!


Some consider me a traitor. Others do not. … Not that I care. I know in my heart that I am Klingon and honor the ways of our people. For decades I served our armed forces and even achieved the rank of Lt. General, brought honor to the House of Rha. When Chancellor J’mpok dragged our Empire into a war with our allies, the Federation, I called him out in an open session of the High Council, was tossed into Rura Penthe simply for doing as honor required of me.

If not for my son, Thoreon, our noble house would have fallen. Yet, it survived as he distanced himself from my … accused dishonor … to protect that which our family has worked hard to achieve. As a warrior, I endured for weeks before a human warrior named Jonas and I escaped that accursed place. We retreated into Federation terrority where friends in Starfleet gave us shelter and a way to again join the fight.

J’mpok led the Empire onto a path of dishonor. I wanted to help see the honor of our people restored. Starfleet recognized my service to both the Klingon people as well as our former alliance, gave me command of a ship. As part of their 1st Cavalry Division, I have fought against the forces of the Empire and its current allies. Make no mistake. I continued to fight FOR our people.

Yet, when shared enemies such as the Borg and Undine surfaced to challenge all of us, I joined with those advocating for a restored alliance. Finally, with Borg on both doorsteps, both sides began to listen. Both sides remain locked in conflict, but some of us on both sides have set aside such conflicts (if such is truly possible) to meet these shared threats together.

Friends on the High Council helped with the restoration of my personal honor, allowing me to at last return home to the Empire. It is good to be home where my bed is again hard, the bloodwine plentiful … and I can BBQ all the tribbles in want at my leisure.

Aboard the I.K.S. vahwI’nej, I command yo’wey wa’DIch — a joint forces regiment of the ‘avwI’ voDIeH and 1st Cavalry Division. And today, I sit drinking bloodwine with my brother warriors at the Gates of Sto’vo’kor… warriors who not so long ago I faced in battle.



In addition to service in the Klingon Defense Force, for nearly a decade DeyvID was a member of the Klingon Diplomatic Corps, and served as an ambassador to the Federation. He briefly taught introductory Klingon language classes to non-Klingons visiting the First City on Qo’noS.

As an ambassador, DeyvID worked with humans and other aliens for extended periods, and fought alongside Federation forces during the Dominion War. He developed a genuine respect for several individual  non-Klingons, including former Arbitor of Succession Jean-Luc Picard, Emissary Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, ambassador Spock, and Tuvoc.

DeyvID spent extended periods on Vulcan learning Vulcan martial arts, practicing meditation and mental discipline exercises; in the process he developed an appreciation for the Vulcan people and their culture, and acquired a taste for several Vulcan foods and beverages.

Although DeyvID has recently taken a leave of absence from full-time service in the Diplomatic Corps and returned to the KDF as a starship captain, he maintains his diplomatic credentials and functions as a Special Envoy when called upon.

No longer automatically distrustful of all non-Klingons, DeyvID is able to tolerate and even enjoy socializing with certain individual non-Klingons. He does not harbor hatred for the Federation as many do, yet recognizes the two governments have fundamental differences, and have again turned from allies to enemies. DeyvID suspects the Klingon Empire and the Federation will likely become allies again in the future… but not today.

When his duties permit, DeyvID spends much of his off-hours on Qo’noS at his favorite tavern,  he Gates of StoVoKor.  Deyvid converted his KDC office into a lounge/gym/arcade called the Warriors’ Den.


Hatched in the last 24th century to the Innovator caste, Sskald was raised among the Klingon/Gorn conflict. Conscripted at a young age into the Gorn military he did his part to defend the Hegemony. The defeat came hard but he adapted quickly, recognizing the benefit of partnership and inclusion in the Klingon Empire. As relations normalized he joined the Klingon Academy as a scientific consultant, researcher and reluctant diplomat.

On first meeting Sskald seems arrogant and condescending. This is a defense mechanism to put others off balance. Sskald is an optimist with a craving for knowledge and a passion for innovation and discovery. Like many Gorn he is fiercely territorial and he will defend the Empire as fiercely as he will his homeland.

Some question the loyalty of the Gorn, those that question Sskald’s are met with the ferocity and violence that makes the Gorn respected as well as feared.



Karn was born during a time of great change, when the Klingons began expanding their empire and conquering other races. As he grew up, his people saw the strength of the Empire and immediately sold their services as mercenaries to the Empire. The problem is that many of the Empire, including the Klingons, don’t trust Letheans due to their great prowess with telepathic powers. Karn knew this situation had to change, and he figured he would be the one to do it. He joined the Academy as a researcher, and currently serves as a spy and informant, selling the information he pries out of his enemies minds for money.

Karn can be plain out creepy, mysterious, and can be difficult to get along with. Around new people, he tries to keep to himself and merely observe before he speaks. Many give him a wide berth because of this aura of mystery and because of his somewhat antisocial demeanor. But even he will join in for a drink among comrades.

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