Gates of Sto’vo’kor 33 – Death And Taxes

Gates of Sto’vo’kor has returned with a new episode. G’hargh, Deyvid, Hauk, and Sskald are at the bar waiting for Korrath who arrives late with a Lethean friend from the Imperial Revenue Service named Karn. After the introductions, Korrath and Karn share a story of how the two met and their dealings with an Orion pirate named Hendac. This episode introduces Karn as a new member to the Gates of Sto’vo’kor cast of characters, and marks the second episode featuring Hendac.

This episode was written by Alan (Karn) and tightened by Ross, edited by Mike Medeiros (Korrath), and directed by Mike Medeiros (Korrath). Klingon translations provided by Deyvid. The episode features the voice talents of Alan (Karn), and Bazag (Hendac). Ross and Zadok provide the voices of the spectators.

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