Gates of Sto’vo’kor 32 – Cooperative Efforts

Gates of Sto’vo’kor has returned with a new episode. This week, we feature Ladies K’Shara and Selei discussing a recent dispatch from Hauk regarding their recent mission. Korrath, Deyvid, and Hauk are on the station with Priority One’s Elijah and James as they attempt to complete their mission while Sskald, G’hargh, and Adrianne remain aboard the ship providing support.

This episode was written by Ross (Sskald), edited by Ross (Sskald), and directed by Mike Medeiros (Korrath). Klingon translations provided by Deyvid. The episode features the voice talents of Karn (Naal), Priority One’s Andrianne Grady (herself and the computer), James Lee (himself), Elijah (as himself), Terilynn Shull (Lady K’Shara), and Kestra (Lady Selei). Ross provide the voice of Ogden, and Star Trek Online provided the voice of Manus.

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