Gates of Stovokor – Warrior’s Den Supplemental #1

Some of the cast members of the Gates of Sto’vo’kor was at Star Trek Las Vegas 2012, where they discussed a recent episode The Women of the Empire, with some of their special guests from the episode. Deyvid, Korrath, and their newest member, Sskald was joined by Lady K’Shara (Terilynn), Arihzel (Adrianne), and Ba’el (Risa).

They discussed the episode, where the ladies would like to see their characters go in the future, the Klingon language,¬†the desire to see a woman as the captain of the Klingon flagship, and so much more. Mav pops in after talking with Michael Dorn (Worf, TNG) to tell us about his kickstarter project: Through the Fire – A Life After Star Trek. The Star Trek Online Developers stopped by the booth, and Terilynn mentions both the Discussion with the Developers Panel and the Hanging with the Devs Event. They even discuss our recent interview Star Trek Online’s Writer: Kestrel. Ross even gives leis to the ladies as well as his cohosts. Larry Nemecek drops by the booth to say hello and tells us about the debut of an CD with interviews of four people involved in the making of Star Trek from his archives. Teri and Deyvid to talk about¬†Geek Nation Tours, one of Trek Radio’s sponsor for the convention. Finally, Elijah from Priority One Podcast drops by as Melk’Nezzar.

We thank our fans for all of the support and help with our show. Korrath finishes up by the show by reminding everyone that we are still looking for audio engineers, writers, and even another cohost to join the Gates of Sto’vo’kor. If you’re interested in joining, please send an email to

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