Episode 3-2 Vengeance is Life!

Season 3 Episode 2 Vengeance is Life!

3-2 Vengeance is Life!


Image by George Silsby

The Warriors of Sto-vo-kor have returned with a new tale of Honor, Glory, and an old score settled.

Karn arrives late to the bar as usual and the other warriors speak candidly of their thoughts on the newest member of their circle as they wait for him. Most have grown accustomed to him while others are quite frindly with the telepathic Lethian. However Hauk remains stubborn in his feelings of skepticism and distrust of him and his abilities. Karn arrives at last with a joyous air and a story of Vengeance, battle, and Victory against a rogue faction of Dominion soldiers and the end of a very old score with their Vorta leader.


Written by Alan Clifton

Directed by Mike Coleman

Audioplay by Mike Medeiros and J. Ross Bullock


Karn: George Silsby (Filling in for Alan Clifton)

Hauk: Mike Tripp

Korrath: Mike Medeiros

G’hargh: Mike Coleman

Deyvid: Davil Holquin

Sskald: J. Ross Bullock

Naaen: Adrianne Grady

Lashara: Michelle Heiner

Koboro: J. Ross Bullock

Ahoan: J. Ross Bullock

Tamaka’Kan: Jesse Heineg


Episode Transcript

The Gates of Sto’Vo’Kor’ bar in the early evening is a quiet place The regulars have started to arrive and the more raucous patrons are not due for several hours yet. Korrath, Hauk, G’hargh, DeyviD, and Sskald are nursing their drinks as they wait for their latest companion, Karn. He’s late again.

Korrath: Have any of you seen Karn? He was supposed to be here by now.

Hauk: It’s not our job to keep track of your Lethean. We don’t even like him most of the time.

Sskald: He’s not that bad Hauk, get over yourself.

Hauk: Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been warming up to the guy, but his mental abilities are a great concern to me. And, if any of you breathe a word to him about what I just said, I will gut you and hang your entrails from the rafters of my ship.

Deyvid: (chuckles) Whatever you say Hauk, but we all heard it. You like Karn.

Hauk: (aside) Why did I have to say anything?

G’hargh: Well, I agree with our scaly friend. Besides, Karn’s unique abilities do come in handy. I’ve certainly benefited from having him in our little group here.

Deyvid: What do you mean, G’hargh?

G’hargh: Last time I took him to Drozana Station, we cleaned house. (looks around to make sure that no one is listening and whispers) I’m planning to take him to Kortar’s Locker later and with his unique skills, I’m sure we’ll win it big there as well.

Korrath: When did you take him to Drozana Station?

G’hargh: A few weeks ago.

Korrath: That would have been before he left for his latest mission.

Sskald: What mission is that, Korrath?

Korrath: I don’t know. He would not tell me anything about it except that it was something that he had to do. And, last time we were together, I didn’t get a chance to ask him about it with all of the talk of avenging head chefs and baseballs.

Deyvid: In that case, I am sure he will be here soon.

Hauk: Unless, of course, he finally got himself into more trouble than he couldn’t trick his way out of. … Letheans.

Sskald: Why so much animosity towards him? He isn’t like most other Letheans, especially those in the slums. He actually is honorable…

Hauk: (Derisive laugh) HA! Honorable? A Leathean?

Sskald: Most of the time…

Hauk: Next thing you’ll tell me is that G’hargh will be the next Chancellor of the High Council.

G’hargh: Hey! I wouldn’t want that job, even if you paid me – too much paperwork.

Deyvid: Not many people like Letheans, because of their telepathic abilities. But, those same telepathic abilities make them valuable members of the Empire.

Hauk: What are you saying Deyvid?

Deyvid: Although I do not trust them myself, I have used Letheans from time to time in my negotiations with aliens races on behalf of the Empire.

Sskald: Indeed. It appears you are the odd man out Hauk.

Hauk: As a leader of the Joint Task Force, I possess many secrets that neither side would want revealed. I cannot risk being associated with his kind and I find it offensive that all of you tolerate his presence – especially you Korrath.

Korrath: He proved himself to me long ago. You’ve got to give him a chance. He is honorable and trustworthy as far as Letheans go.

Hauk: Bah! I doubt either of those words can be found in their native language. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s listening to this entire conversation right now. (mumbles) Dirty mind sifters.

Deyvid: No doubt about that. But, for now, let us drink and be merry. Let us forget what troubles us. Barkeep, more bloodwine!

Karn: (Slamming his mug down. Joyful.) Put it on my tab!

G’hargh: Ah Karn, glad you could stop by. Sit down and drink with us.

Karn: My apologies for being late, I had to take care of a few odds and ends from a recent mission.

Korrath: Are you finally able to tell us what you have been up to, my friend?

Sskald: What did you have to do?

Hauk: I doubt it would be anything so useful.

Karn: It was Personal.

Korrath: Personal? Pull up a seat and tell us about it.

Hauk: Just not too close, or you’ll be pulling my d’tagh from your heart.

G’hargh: (laughs) It’s starting to sound like our Lethean had a vendetta? I hope you were successful in your efforts.

Deyvid: You know the Klingon proverb ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’.

Sskald: This could prove to be an interesting tale. Please Karn, share your story with the rest of us.

Karn:Very well. (clears throat) It was a few weeks ago when a report came across my desk with the information I’ve been seeking for more than thirty years.

Hauk: Thirty years … Karn how old are you?

Karn: Old enough to decline answering that question, Hauk.

Korrath: That’s quite enough.

Sskald: Continue with your story, Karn.

Karn: As I was saying, I was in the ready room of my ship. The I.K.S. Hosho …

IKS Hosho Ready room. Karn sits at his desk slowly plugging away at the administrative paperwork strewn about him. The door chime announces someone’s arrival and Karn looks up from a report in his hand.

Karn: Come in

Naaen: You summoned me, sir?

Karn: Naaen, I have found the Vorta, Ahoan, at last. And this time, he will not deny me my vengeance.

Naaen: That’s good news indeed, sir. But, what about the facility? It will never end, until we find and destroy it.

Karn: That’s the best part. He is at the facility right now.

Naaen:That is great news indeed. When do we leave?

Karn: We don’t. I’ve been speaking with High Command since I discovered the facility’s whereabouts and they have ordered me to stay away. Instead, they will send in a fleet to take care of it.

Naaen: Do they not understand what this means to you?

Karn: They do, but scans reveal that the facility is heavily armed and it will be impossible for a single ship to infiltrate it on its own.

Naaen: Then, there is nothing we can do.

Karn: It would seem so …

Naaen: I’ve seen that look on your face before.

Karn: (laughs) You know me all too well.

Naaen: So, I will ask you again, sir. When do we leave?

Karn: (hands her the padd) Immediately. Here are the coordinates. Have communications transmit a message stating that we are experiencing issues with our transceiver array. Then, I want it taken offline. We will be flying silent from this point forward.

Naaen: Yes, sir.

Karn: Start putting the crew through battle drills. I need everyone at their best, if we’re to survive this assault.

Naaen: Yes sir!

(back to the bar)

Deyvid: Defying a direct order from High Command? Either your bravery is the stuff of legends, or your stupidity is limitless.

Hauk: It’s the latter, I think.

Korrath: Karn may be a lot of things, Hauk, but stupid is not one of them.

Sskald: What kind of facility was this?

Karn: A Dominion cloning facility. One of the last in the quadrant.

G’hargh: Bah! That is mere myth. They were all disassembled after the Dominion War.

Karn: Not all of them. This one had been operating in secret since the war.

Korrath: How do you know it’s a cloning facility and not something else?

Karn: I know because I’ve killed the same Vorta six times already and he won’t stay dead.

Hauk: It’s more likely you’re a lousy shot.

Sskald: Six times? Is that not a bit excessive?

Deyvid: What is the source of the bad blood between the two of you?

84. Karn: It’s a long story, but if you really want to know.

Hauk: I don’t.

Korrath: Ignore him. Please go on with your tale, Karn.

Karn: I was only a child during the Dominion War and my parents were mercenaries for anyone that could pay their price. Without their knowing, I had stowed away aboard their ship and hid in one of the compartments, hoping to experience firsthand what they did for a living. I remember that day as if it were yesterday …

They had picked up a contract from the Klingon / Federation Alliance against the Dominion to infiltrate one of their Ketrasel White production facilities. We were en route to their target, when a squadron of Jem Hadar fighters attacked. My parents fought bravely, but our small raider was no match for them. With our shields offline, the Jem Hadar, led by a Ahoan, boarded our ship and attempted to take them prisoner. My parents fought back until a Jem Hadar discovered my hiding spot. They used me … Me! … to get my parents to surrender. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to watch as my they were murdered right before my eyes. I never forgot the face of the one that gave the order. He was completely pleased with himself. It was at that moment that I swore to end his existence the same way he ended that of my parents.

They took me to an internment camp. At the time, the Founders were plotting a strike against all of the telepathic races within the Alpha Quadrant, and they wanted to study Lethean telepathic abilities prior to their assault on our home world. I was their test subject. I don’t know how long I lived in that internment camp, but it felt like years.

(Takes a long drink of Bloodwine) I owe my life and my freedom to the Klingon Empire. The Klingon strike force attacked the internment camp. While my captor’s attention was turned to the Klingon raiders, I stole a shuttle and escaped. I returned to the homeworld and lived with my father’s sister until –

Hauk: A child flying a stolen shuttle? I do not believe it. I’ve flown Jem Hadar shuttles and they are not easy to control. I doubt you would have been able to do so and completely question the validity of this story.

Karn: You can thank the Jem Hadar for that. My time at the internment camp was spent sharpening my mental abilities. I may have been a child, but I was more powerful than most adult Letheans and, during my escape, I was able to sift through the mind of a pilot. I learned everything I needed to operate their shuttles and ships.

Korrath: Why have I not heard this story before? I knew your mental abilities were greater than any other Lethean I had met, but I never knew this.

G’hargh: Everyone has their secrets Korrath. Even you.

Korrath: G’hargh!

Deyvid: And, you have been hunting Ahoan ever since?

103. Karn: Yes. When I came of age, I began my career as a mercenary. It was years before I encountered him again, but when I did, I was ready for him and killed him easily. My family had been avenged, or so I believed until I encountered him again a few years later.

Sskald: Are you sure it was the same Vorta? You mammals all look alike to me.

Karn: There was no doubt about it. He recognized me immediately and attempted to take his own revenge against me. I never expected to see his face again, and he used the element of surprise to his advantage. I barely survived the encounter. He had taken my family and my vengeance from me. I renewed my oath and began searching for him once again.

G’hargh: You said you’ve killed him six times?

Karn: Yes. Each time, I hoped would be the last, and each time I knew it wouldn’t as long as the secret cloning facility remained. So, I began searching for it.

Deyvid: So, you decided to defy the High Command and go after the Vorta and this cloning facility by yourself?

Karn: I wasn’t completely alone. I had my ship and my crew. There were all I needed.

(Bridge of the IKS Hosho)

Karn: Lasharra, report!

Lasharra: We have entered the system, sir.

Karn: Have they detected us?

Naaen: We approached the facility from the far side of the gas giant. We are holding position. There is no sign that they have seen us.

Karn: Good. What can you tell me about their defenses?

Lasharra: The facility seems to be well guarded. Several groups of Jem’Hadar Attack Ships, Heavy Escort Carriers, and even a Battleship lies between us and our target. We will need to punch a hole through their fleet in order to get to the facility.

Karn: Very well. Take out their defenses, first. Then, we bombard the facility until we can punch a hole through their shield grid. The moment, we’ve breached their shields, we send down strike teams to plant charges at certain points throughout the facility.

Naaen: And what about you, sir? Are you going to pursue this Vorta of yours?

Karn: Yes, I will go down with the strike teams. I intend to go after Ahoan and kill him once and for all. Then I intend to stop the cloning process by destroying the facility. Finally, my vengeance will be complete.

Naaen: I should object, but I know that I will not be able to stop you.

Karn: (opens an intership channel) Attention, this is the Captain speaking. We are about to head into battle. Launch all fighters and Birds of Prey and send them on an intercept course for the first group of Jem’Hadar ships. All troops report to the transporter rooms, bring heavy demolition equipment. Today we will go into battle to avenge the deaths of my parents, regain my personal honor, and rid this quadrant of a plague that has ravaged it since the Dominion War. If we must die, we will die with honor! (channel closes)

Naaen: Yes sir.

Karn: Good, now take us in. (The ship accelerates to attack speed as the Battle alert siren resonates though the bridge.) Naaen, prepare a full spread of torpedoes and target the first Attack Ship with our disruptors. I want this facility reduced to dust.

Naaen: Yes sir.

Karn: (Silently counts down the range to the first enemy ships. He leans forward in his chair, savoring the calm before the storm) FIRE!

Karn: Squadrons of fighters and Birds of Prey swarmed around the attack ships, like angry lokeg wasps, stinging and biting at every opportunity. The Jem Hadar attack ships may have been fast, but my squadrons were faster. As they weakened the shields of the defenders, the Hosho entered combat and finished the job, turning them into floating heaps of flotsam and debris.

Every few minutes another squadron of fighters were deployed from my Vo’Quv class carrier and join the fight. As more Jem Hadar ships converged on our position, the battle heated up, oh yes!. With disruptor beams and polaron cannons, our fighters engaged the enemy, making quick work of them.

Koboro: Gamma Squadron has lost another ship. Squadron Lambda is ready to launch.

Karn: Redirect Beta squad to intercept.

Koboro: Yes sir. Order relayed.

Naaen: Shields are at 60% and holding. Escort Carriers coming about to our starboard side.

Karn: Have them give Delta Squad a hand.

Karn: The fight raged on until all of the vessels in the immediate area were obliterated, lighting up the night with their warp core breaches. When the smoke and debris cleared, all that stood between us and the facility was the battleship, Ahoan‘s flagship.

Lasharra: The battleship is launching attack squads.

Karn: Have all squadrons intercept those fighters. While they keep them busy, we’ll be able to focus our attention on the battleship.

Karn: The battle raged. We took heavy damage, but so did the Battleship. The Jem Hadar fighters had an edge over ours and we were losing squadrons faster than we can replenish them. It was a risky move, but I had an idea.

Karn: Focus fire on their hanger bays. If we can take them out, we may be able to give our squadrons a chance.

Naaen: It’ll leave our flank exposed.

Karn: Do it!

Naaen: Yes, sir. (Heavy, focused Disruptor fire. Explosions are heard.)  It’s working. We’ve destroyed their hanger bay. They can’t launch any more ships.

Karn:Tell the remaining squadrons to focus on the battleship once they’ve finished dealing with the fighters.

Koboro: It will be done. (Fighters launch anf the battle rages. The ships rocks with weapons impacts and concussive explosions.) Shields at 25% and falling. Our port nacelle has taken severe damage.

Naaen: Turn us about and divert power to the shields.

Karn: Once our port nacelle was safely out of reach, we refocused our attacks and continued to slowly chip away at their shields. However, we had some help from our attack squads. While we took the brunt of their attack, our fighters gave us an edge. In the end, we were victorious and left the rubble to burn up in the planet’s atmosphere.

Lasharra: We have reached the facility sir.

160. Karn: (pleased) Excellent, Naaen, you have the bridge now. I will lead the strike teams myself.My vengeance is nearing completion and I plan to be on the frontlines.

I went down to the transporter room, where Alpha team was waiting for me. I took my spot on the transporter pad beside them and ordered the transporter operator to beam us down. A moment later we materialized in a corridor just outside of the facility’s command center.

Sergent, I want this facility completely destroyed. Leave nothing for the Jem Hadar to use to rebuild. Use your best judgment to achieve this goal. I’ll be going after Ahoan. Now go!

 It wasn’t long before I heard the sound of a distant fire fight. The other teams had their hands full. There was nothing I could do to help them nor could they help me. I simply wished them best and entered the command center, where a squad of Jem Hadar was waiting for me.

The Jem Hadar struck first with their tar’katan poleaxes. Their thoughts betrayed their efforts and I was able to avoid their first strikes easily and even used them to my advantage. I struck back and thwarted their best efforts with nothing more than my standard issue dk’tagh. The fight was swift and intense, but in the end, I emerged from combat victorious.

Ahoan: (clapping slowly) Bravo, Karn. Bravo.

Karn: I turned around and there he was, my quarry, Ahoan, the Vorta that killed my parents and ruined my life.

Karn: It’s been too long, Ahoan. But, it appears your time has finally run out.

Ahoan: (laughing) Don’t be a fool Karn. You haven’t been able to stop me yet, what makes you think that this time will be any different?

Karn: I know all about this installation. It is how you’ve been able to evade death all of these years. However, this game has gone on long enough. Today, I fully intend to end the line of Ahoan, once and for all!

Ahoan: (a little worried, he lies.) You’re mistaken. This is nothing more than a Ketrasel White storage facility.

Karn: You cannot deceive me, Ahoan. Today I will avenge the deaths of my parents and today you will die.

hoan: Come now, my old dear friend. Can’t we talk about this over a…

Karn: (growls) We are not friends. We have never been friends.

Ahoan: Surely, you do not believe that? What’s the human saying? … Ah! Yes. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. By that definition, we are the greatest of friends.

Karn: Just shut up! (pulls out his D’ktahg) I will kill you!

Ahoan: Easy there Karn. I wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger that killed your parents. It was my First that did that.

Karn: But you gave the order! So their blood is on your hands.

Ahoan: I grow weary of you and this conversation. Every time I see you, it’s the same thing: Revenge this, Vengeance that, death, blood, destruction. You’re quite boring and predictable, you know. Please excuse me while I make my escape.

You’re not going anywhere, Ahoan.

Ahoan: Oh, but you are wrong. You see, while I am making my way to my ship, you will have your hands full dealing with another old friend.  You remember Tamaka’Kan, don’t you? I know he remembers you. Goodbye.

Tamaka’Kan: (Laughs as he appears) So we meet again, little Lethean.

Karn: You … Step aside

Tamaka’Kan: I will not yield and forfeit my existence. Victory is life.

Karn: If you insist …

Karn: I had faced off against Tamaka’kan several times already. Yet, for some unknown reason Ahoan kept cloning the Jem Hadar First and continued to use him for protection. I guess some Vorta just don’t learn from their mistakes. Tamaka’Kan, however, was a different story. The Jem Hadar was stronger than I remembered. His reflexes were quicker and I found myself struggling to stay ahead of him. It was almost as if he was completely operating on instinct rather than giving his strikes any thought. The battle waged on for several minutes. I knew time was wasting and with every passing moment, Ahoan was getting farther and farther away. I needed to do something and fast.

Tamaka’Kan: (relishing the fight) You are slowing down, little Lethean. Give up now and I will end your suffering swiftly.

Karn: (savagely)I don’t think so.

His gloating opened up his mind to me and I was able to see his battle strategy. I exploited the opportunity and struck. He went down like an Alborean Pinewood Tree. Without wasting another moment, I ran after Ahoan, hoping all the while that I did not miss my opportunity to finally avenge my family.

Naaen:(From communicator) Naaen to Captain Karn.

Karn: (breathing heavily) Karn here.

Naaen: We’re getting reports from several teams. Jem Hadar resistance has gotten heavier over the last few minutes.

Karn: (Angered)Transport more troops. Failure is not an option!

Naaen: Yes sir.(Closes channel)

Karn: When I entered the facility’s docking bay, I feared that I was too late and Ahoan had made his escape. However, I was pleased to find not only his ship still in the docking bay, but he was cut off from it due to an ongoing skirmish between one of my raiding parties and the Jem Hadar. I hefted disruptor, took aim, and dispatched the Jem Hadar to whatever afterlife the Founders promised them.

Karn: Sergent, take your squad and assist the other teams. I will take care of the Vorta myself.

(The soldiers take off at a swift pace to the next battle.)

Ahoan: It appears you’ve got me, Karn.

Karn: Don’t even think of pleading for your life. You showed my family no mercy and I intend to do the same for you.

Ahoan: Mercy? I wouldn’t degrade myself to do such a thing, especially to the likes of you.

Karn: Is this how you want to spend your last moments of existence?

Ahoan: Give up on this foolish endeavor and return to your life. Forget all about this and I will let you live.

Karn: Enough!

Ahoan: Even if you kill me, like you have so many times now, I won’t stay dead. This isn’t the only cloning facility in the quadrant.

Karn: Your desperation betrays you.

Ahoan: I guess there is no way to fool you, is there, Karn? (panicking)Soldiers of the Gamma Quadrant show yourselves and defend your Vorta!

(Several Jem’Hadar soldiers unshroud surrounding Karn)

Karn: yinTagh!

Ahoan: (laughing) You were right about one thing, my dear old friend. The game does end today, but it’s not with my death, but with yours.

Karn: The first thing I realized was that I was surrounded by Jem Hadar. The second thing was that they all had the same face, one I knew all too well. They were all clones of the Jem Hadar First I had dispatched only a few minutes before.

Ahoan: (still laughing) And to think, you came all the way here to avenge your parent’s death, only to fail when it was almost within in your grasp. Farewell, my old friend. We will not see each other again. First Tamaka’Kan, deal with Karn and his teams. I must make preparations to leave this place.

Tamaka’Kan: (all at once) We are First Tamaka’Kan, and we are already dead. We go into battle to reclaim our lives. This we do gladly for we are Jem Hadar. Victory is Life!

Karn: And I am Karn, I am alive but soon you won’t be.

Karn: As I had mentioned earlier, this new revision of Tamaka’Kan kept his thoughts well under control to prevent me from discovering what he was about to do. However, with four Tamaka’Kan’s their thoughts were identical and came through much louder.

Tamaka’Kan: (his thoughts coming through loud and clear) Charge!

Karn: As the Tamaka’Kan that stood directly in front of me rushed in, I stepped aside, grabbed his Kar’takin, and guided it into the Tamaka’Kan directly behind me, gutting him.

Tamaka’Kan: Strike!

Karn: I ducked the first swipe and rolled away from the second, as the third recovered his weapon from the fallen fourth. I regained my feet and didn’t have to wait too long to steal the next thought from their minds.

Tamaka’Kan: Swipe!

Karn: Their blades arced through the air from multiple directions. I leaped towards the third Tamaka’Kan, forcing the other two to follow me with their next strike. They eviscerated him, leaving two more Tamaka’Kans remaining. I could feel their anger rising, making their thoughts even easier for me to read. However, with their mounting anger, their maneuvers came more swiftly.

 Tamaka’Kan: Strike!

Tamaka’Kan: Swipe!

Karn: I jumped back to the first Tamaka’Kan and scooped up his Kar’takin as their strikes caught nothing but air. They advanced on me.

Tamaka’Kan: Thrust!

Karn: I swung my newly acquired weapon and deflected their strikes and pushed them back. They stumbled over the body of the other dead Tamaka’Kan. As they attempted to recover, I followed up by sweeping my weapon at the closer of the two. He fell, leaving one Tamaka’Kan remaining. I backed away.

Karn: This is your last chance, Tamaka’Kan. I’ve killed all of your other clones. You can join them, or you can take back your life and join me in destroying the real threat to your existence: Ahoan.

Tamaka’Kan: Ahoan is Vorta.

Karn: Exactly. He’s a worthless, pitiful creature that does not deserve your loyalty. He has done nothing for you, except led to your death, not once, but a dozen times by my count. Join me and reclaim your life, a life free of the Vorta, free to be and do whatever you want and bring honor back to the Jem hadar.

Tamaka’Kan: I serve the Founders, not you.

Karn: I don’t want your service. I want you as my ally. You are free to continue serving the Founders, but you have to ask yourself. What you are doing now, is it for their benefit, or for the benefit of that spineless Vorta? Who is your true master, Tamaka’Kan? Who do you really serve?

Tamaka’Kan: I am Jem Hadar. I serve the Founders. I do not serve the Vorta. You have given me much to consider, and for now, I will not kill you. I reclaim my life in order to continue serving my true gods, the Founders.

Karn: (relieved) Then, help me stop Ahoan, before he continues to dishonor everything you believe in with his actions.


Tamaka’Kan: Quickly, go after him, and I will lock the docking clamps, preventing him from leaving the facility.

(The ship in the docking bay begins to rumble as its engines are brought online.)

Karn: The Jem Hadar Attack Ship was powering up. It wouldn’t be long before it would be ready to depart. I had to hurry. As I ran towards it, I glanced over my shoulder to Tamaka’Kan who had reached a nearby console and was working it fervently. 

Karn: Can you do anything about the gangplank, Tam?

Tamaka’Kan: Do not call me that. I am Tamaka’Kan. Overriding the lockout now. Standby.

(The gangplank lowers with a deep hiss)

Karn: A moment later, the gangplank was down and I ran inside. The ship was deserted and I headed straight for the bridge.

(his communicator chirps. Karn taps it.)

Naaen: Captain Karn are you there?

Karn: It’s not a good time, Naaen.

Naaen: We just wanted to let you know that most of the teams have reported in. They have secured the facility and are ready to transport back to the Hosho. There have been a lot of casualties.

Karn: Beam them back up. We’ll be ready soon.

Naaen: We?

Karn: And, before I could respond, Ahoan stepped out of the shadows behind me and plunged his ceremonial dagger into my back.

Karn: (screams in pain!) eeahhg!

Ahoan: I will have to thank your officer for distracting you. (twists the dagger in his back) And, now, I will finish this once and for all.

Karn: As he was gloating, I reached into my belt and grabbed hold of the hilt of my dk’tagh and drove it into his heart.

Karn: You are right. It is finished now, but I will take you with me.


Ahoan: What do you mean you wreched…guh!

Karn: I held him close, staring into his eyes as the realization of what had just occurred dawned on him. He struggled, but I held onto him with the remainder of my strength until the last vestiges of life fade from his eyes. It was done. I collapsed satisfied that I had avenged my family and would soon join them in the afterlife. I allowed the darkness to take me away.

(Back in the Bar with the Warriors)

Deyvid: It’s obvious that you survived your wounds, but how did you get off the facility?

Karn: I woke up later in the medical bay aboard the Hosho. Naaen came down to see me and explained that there was a Jem Hadar in the brig with an outlandish story. I ordered Tam’s release and explained how he had helped me prevent Ahoan’s escape. When Tam came down to the med bay, he shared the story of our escape in the Jem Hadar Attack ship and the destruction of the cloning facility.

Hauk: He should have left you for you dead.

Korrath: That is quite a story, Karn.

G’hargh: I’m not sure I quite believe it.

Karn: What’s not to believe?

Deyvid: True or not, it was a good story.

Karn: It’s not a story. It really happened.

Sskald: I think my distinguished colleagues are looking for proof.

Karn: Well, Tam and a few of his Dominion friends have joined my crew. And, there’s the matter Jem Hadar Attack ship docked at the shipyard.

Hauk: (gasp) what? You? No way. Uh uh. A What?!

Karn: I sure do, but my Vengeance has cost me my commission in the defense force. I have been stripped of my rank so I’m in need of credits. I may be convinced to sell it.

Korrath: I am please that J’mpok only relieved you of command instead of executing you. One cannot fault a warrior for seeking vengeance.

Hauk: If you’ve got an Attack ship, name your price and it’s yours.

Karn: I dont know…

Korrath: Hauk … Don’t do it.

Hauk: Shut up, Korrath. I’m negotiating a deal with … Karn. I’ve been wanting to add one of those to collection for some time now.

Karn: Think up a number.

Hauk: Very well. How about this number.

Karn: (laughs) You’ve got yourself a deal.

Korrath: Hauk, you didn’t.

Hauk: I’ll need an hour to make the funds available. Nice doing business with you.

Sskald: What just happened here?

Deyvid: From the sounds of it, Hauk just purchased a Jem Hadar Attack ship.

279. Korrath: Hauk, how much did you spend? … Karn how much is Hauk paying you?

280. Karn: Hauk has asked me not to tell you… right now

281. Korrath: What? Why not?

282. Hauk: It’s not any concern of yours, at least not until the end of the month when I send you all of my other receipts.

Korrath: (disappointed) Oh Hauk …

Hauk: You know, Karn, you’re not such a bad guy for a … Lethean.

Karn: I knew you’d start coming around sooner or later.

Deyvid: (laughs) That was a truly glorious tale Karn.

Sskald: Yes, it was.

G’hargh: Since you’re rolling in energy credits, how about you buy us another round of Bloodwine.

Karn: Thank you my friends. I am relieved that I can finally put that awful business with my parents behind me. (takes a drink of Bloodwine) There is nothing more refreshing than a hot mug of bloodwine after serving a cold dish of revenge. It has to be one of the best things in life. And we all know what else is best in life, correct?

Korrath: To crush your enemies

Hauk: See them driven before you

Deyvid: And hear their lamentations from Gre’thor.

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