Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Revenge_cover3aGates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner! is now available to download. Check it out here. After a long hiatus, Hauk, G’hargh, Korrath, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald are back in this season three premiere of Gates of Sto’vo’kor!

Hauk and G’hargh have put their differences aside their differences and have come to an equitable arrangement that resolves their past grievances. Hauk shares a story of Revenge and vengeance against a member of G’hargh’s crew for what they had done to a member of Hauk’s family. Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Welcome to Gates of Sto-vo-kor! Featuring the Warriors of Sto’vo’kor: Korrath, G’hargh, Hauk, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald. Join us on this tale of Honor, Glory, and a debt repaid! Revenge: It’s For Dinner.

For our friends with hearing impairments, we are making our script available to download here.

NEW SCENE: Kitchen aboard I.K.S. To’fe Heq.

<background sounds of a kitchen during meal prep. Doors open and k’ahless steps into the galley>

  1. Head Chef 2: It’s about time you’ve arrived.
  2. K’ahless: Are you talking to me?
  3. Head Chef 2: Yes. You’re the only one standing around like you have all the time in the world, while everyone else is hard at work preparing first meal for the crew. Now pick up that sack of potatoes and start peeling.
  4. K’ahless: What do I look like?
  5. Head Chef 2: Aren’t you my new assistant?
  6. K’ahless: <long Ferasian hiss and chuckle> Not exactly.
  7. Head Chef 2: What do you mean … not exactly?
  8. K’ahless: I am here on behalf of the House of Rha.
  9. Head Chef 2: The House of Rha? Should that name mean something to me?
  10. K’ahless: It should. My brother was killed in this kitchen more than a year ago by your hand.
  11. Head Chef 2: I do not know what you are talking about. I’ve only been working here for about a year.
  12. K’ahless: Lies.
  13. Head Chef 2: How dare you barge into my kitchen and accuse me of something I did not do? Who do you think you are?
  14. K’ahless: (spoken softly but with conviction) My name is K’ahless the Unforgiving. You killed my brother. Prepare to die.
  15. Head Chef 2: (backs away and picks up an object for defense, knocking others off the counter) Hey! You’ve got the wrong guy. I’ve never killed anyone.
  16. K’ahless: More lies. Is that how you sleep at night – by telling yourself there is no blood on your hands?
  17. Head Chef 2: What are you talking about?
  18. K’ahless: Life means so little to you that you forget it so easily. (sighs) … Do you recall the events that led to you becoming Head Chef?
  19. Head Chef 2: I … (realization hits) Oh … I do remember him.
  20. K’ahless: (spoken with conviction and in a normal tone.) My name is K’ahless the Unforgiving and you killed my brother. Prepare to die.
  21. Head Chef 2: Wait a minute. You’re Ferasan. Wasn’t the old chef a Klingon? How could he be your brother?
  22. K’ahless: We were brothers through the blood we spilt for the house of Rha.
  23. Head Chef 2: I didn’t kill your brother. It was the Captain’s orders that killed him. Take your grievances to G’hargh.
  24. K’ahless: You are not getting out of this so easily. It was YOU that screwed up the meal being prepared for this ship’s captain. It was YOU who cooked the Baked Tribble. <sound of a blade being drawn> It was YOUR actions that led to my house brother’s death. <more stuff being knocked to the ground> It was YOU that let G’Hargh kill Cookie for YOUR mistake. You are an honorless nuch! And so YOU will be the next meal served aboard this ship!
  25. Head Chef 2: Wait a minute. Can we talk about this? (fumbling for a better weapon, he grabs a knife from the butcher’s block) I heard Cookie squealed when the Captain executed him. <cold, hissing laugh> Much as you will when I run this blade between your ribs and carve you up like a roasted grishnar cat.
  26. K’ahless: (said with conviction as swords clash.) My name is K’ahless the Unforgiving. You killed my brother. Prepare to die.
  27. Head Chef 2: Stop saying that!

<They start fighting. Things get knocked over. >

  1. K’ahless: (yelling.) My name is K’ahless the Unforgiving. You killed my brother. Prepare to die.
  2. Head Chef: No!

<The fighting continues, until the head chef is backed into a corner and his weapon is slapped away. It clatters on the floor.)

  1. Head Chef 2: You have me. You’re not going to kill a defenseless man are you? Where’s the honor in that?
  2. K’ahless: My name is K’ahless the Unforgiving. You killed my brother. Prepare to die. (He stabs him. It’s not a fatal injury.)
  3. Head Chef 2: (groaning in pain) Please … Don’t! I can make it worth your while if you spare me.
  4. K’ahless: (laughs) Let me guess … Now, you’ll offer me money.
  5. Head Chef 2: Yes. (gets stabbed again. Head Chef groans in pain.)
  6. K’ahless: Power too. Promise me that.
  7. Head Chef 2: All that I have and more. … Please. (another stab and more groaning)
  8. K’ahless: Offer me everything I ask for.
  9. Head Chef 2: Anything you want. (Another stab and groaning.)
  10. K’ahless: I want my brother back you cold blooded reptile. (stabs and kills the head chef it’s a fatal wound.)
  11. Head Chef 2: (dies)
  12. K’ahless: I have avenged my brother and restored honor to the House of Rha. (hacks up a furball and spits on the Head Chef’s remains. His footsteps are heard as he leaves the kitchen. The doors closed.)


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