Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Revenge_cover3aGates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner! is now available to download. Check it out here. After a long hiatus, Hauk, G’hargh, Korrath, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald are back in this season three premiere of Gates of Sto’vo’kor!

Hauk and G’hargh have put their differences aside their differences and have come to an equitable arrangement that resolves their past grievances. Hauk shares a story of Revenge and vengeance against a member of G’hargh’s crew for what they had done to a member of Hauk’s family. Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Welcome to Gates of Sto-vo-kor! Featuring the Warriors of Sto’vo’kor: Korrath, G’hargh, Hauk, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald. Join us on this tale of Honor, Glory, and a debt repaid! Revenge: It’s For Dinner.

For our friends with hearing impairments, we are making our script available to download here.

NEW SCENE: Transporter room aboard I.K.S. To’fe Heq. The Bek at the transporter controls is napping. Snoring is heard until a communicator chirps.

  1. Transporter Officer 1: (sound asleep and snoring loudly.)

<sound of communicator chirp>

  1. Transporter Officer 1: (waking up) Wh—Wha—What?

<a second chirp from the communicator>

  1. Transporter Officer 1: Who would be beaming aboard at this time of night?

<opens the channel>

  1. Transporter Officer 1: What do you want?
  2. Transporter Officer 2: (over a com. Channel) This is First City Transporter Station 3 to I.K.S. To’fe Heq. We have a Bekk down here who says he is your new chef’s assistant.
  3. Transporter Officer 1: (speaking to himself) And, I thought he wasn’t coming.
  4. Transporter Officer 2: (over a com channel) Please repeat To’fe Heq.
  5. Transporter Officer 1: Oh … nothing. Beam him up. We’re standing by.

<the channel closes. Transporter materializes a new visitor.>

  1. Transporter Officer 1: You’re late!
  2. K’ahless: I had problems getting through customs. <<laugh>>
  3. Transporter Officer 1: Problems? What kind of problems? I was told there would be no problems.
  4. K’ahless: Don’t worry about it. I took care of it.
  5. Transporter Officer 1: Don’t worry about it? Don’t worry about it!? If the General finds out that I let you aboard his ship, he will have me killed for betraying him and that’s after he’s shaved me bald, covered me in honey, and strapped me down to a Terribbian fire ant hill.
  6. K’ahless: Do you think that we would let anything happen to you? Your presence aboard this ship is very important to the House of Rha.
  7. Transporter Officer 1: You better be right. Do you know what Terribbian fire ants do to a living body? (shudders at the thought)
  8. K’ahless: Get a hold of yourself. The way you’re acting is going to get us all caught. Now, relax and tell me which way to the galley?
  9. Transporter Officer 1: Wait! … Where are those holo-images I was promised?
  10. K’ahless: When the job is done and not a moment before. <cold laugh> Unless you want your wife to see you entertaining the Caitian ambassador?
  11. Transporter Officer 1: <mutters Klingon curses under breath> How do I know you’ll keep your word?
  12. K’ahless: Trust me.
  13. Transporter Officer 1: It’s obvious I do not.
  14. K’ahless: Very well. Trust in the House of Rha.

<sound of muffled Tribble coos>

  1. Transporter Officer 1: What in the name of Grethor do you have in that bag?
  2. K’ahless: None of your business.
  3. Transporter Officer 1: It sounds like a tribble. You know they are not allowed board ship – not since the cannibal tribble incident.
  4. K’ahless: Let’s just call this a gift for your captain from the House of Rha.
  5. Transporter Officer 1: I don’t like this.
  6. K’ahless: Your approval is not required.
  7. Transporter Officer 1: No one said anything about tribbles.
  8. K’ahless: It is too late to have second thoughts now.
  9. Transporter Officer 1: This is starting to be a lot more trouble than its worth. But, it is too late to stop now.
  10. K’ahless: Glad you have come to your senses. Which way to the galley?
  11. Transporter Officer 1: Down the hall to the left. Take it down three decks. The galley is the third door on the right.
  12. K’ahless: (the transporter officer on the back) The House of Rha thanks you for your service.

<The door to the transporter room opens and K’ahless steps out into the corridor. He walks a short distance when the turbo lift’s doors at the end of the hall open up. G’hargh and Ba’el step out and slowly make their way down the corridor.>

  1. K’ahless: Oh no. It’s G’hargh. If he recognizes me, this mission is over. <looking around for somewhere to hide. Thinking fast. He pries open a panel, shoves his package inside, tribbles object to their treatment with some squeals, and K’ahless pretends to be performing maintenance.> Hopefully, he’ll just ignore me, thinking I’m just a member of the crew, performing maintenance on this hunk of junk he calls a ship.
  2. G’hargh: all I’m saying is that you could have told me you had been nominated for the Korok.
  3. Ba’el: … and spoil the surprise?
  4. G’hargh: You know how I feel about surprises.
  5. Ba’el: But, you like my surprises.
  6. G’hargh: (laughs) I do … but that was not like your other surprises. Speaking of which, what was that thing you did with your tongue?
  7. Ba’el: You liked that?
  8. G’hargh: Are you kidding me? It was maddening the way you— <sees the Ferasan performing maintenance> Hey! You. What are you doing?
  9. K’ahless: <with his face still hidden from view, his voice echoes from the inside of the panel. He also tries to disguise his voice> Are you talking to me?
  10. G’hargh: You’re the only one here with their head inside a bulkhead. Now, answer my question. What are you doing in there?
  11. K’ahless: (voice disguised and echoing from the bulkhead) Just performing some maintenance.
  12. G’hargh: I didn’t see this section on the work logs for today.
  13. K’ahless: (voice disguised and echoing from the bulkhead) Uh … <thinking fast> It wasn’t. But, that infernal cannibal tribble ate through the flow regulator’s circuitry. I was ordered to repair it before we left space dock.
  14. G’hargh: Well, you better hurry up then, we’ll be shoving off in a few hours.
  15. Ba’el: Come on G’hargh: I need to get back to my ship.
  16. G’hargh: Very well, my dear Ba’el.

<They walk away from K’ahless>

  1. K’ahless: (whispers to himself) Whew! That was close.
  2. G’hargh: Just a second … <he turns around and stomps over to K’ahless> I don’t recognize you. Who are you?
  3. K’ahless: <worried that his mission is over even before it began.> Uh … I’ve just been reassigned. I arrived this morning.
  4. Ba’el: G’hargh. I really must be going.
  5. G’hargh: <considers it> We have been taking on a lot of new crewmen lately. Very well, continue with what you were doing. <He turns and rejoins Ba’el> I swear that Ferasan looked familiar. I know I’ve seen him before.
  6. Ba’el: If all you’re going to talk about is that Ferasan, perhaps I should just go so you can spend more time with your new friend.
  7. G’hargh: He’s not my type, my dear. And, I’d rather spend more time with you.
  8. Ba’el: Now that’s better.
  9. G’hargh: Why can’t you just stay here with me? We could have a good life together aboard this ship.
  10. Ba’el: We’ve talked about this G’hargh. <the lift doors open. They step through. The doors close.>
  11. K’ahless: <crawling out from the panel. He pulls the squealing bag of tribbles> I need to get out of here before he comes back.


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