Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Revenge_cover3aGates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner! is now available to download. Check it out here. After a long hiatus, Hauk, G’hargh, Korrath, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald are back in this season three premiere of Gates of Sto’vo’kor!

Hauk and G’hargh have put their differences aside their differences and have come to an equitable arrangement that resolves their past grievances. Hauk shares a story of Revenge and vengeance against a member of G’hargh’s crew for what they had done to a member of Hauk’s family. Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Welcome to Gates of Sto-vo-kor! Featuring the Warriors of Sto’vo’kor: Korrath, G’hargh, Hauk, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald. Join us on this tale of Honor, Glory, and a debt repaid! Revenge: It’s For Dinner.

For our friends with hearing impairments, we are making our script available to download here.

NEW SCENE: Kitchen aboard I.K.S. QuIn ‘an bortaS

<<sounds of kitchen noises, pots and pans banging, meal prep and several tribbles cooing in the background>>

  1. Head Chef 1: There there, my pretties. … I promise this will hurt only for a moment.

<<sounds of squealing tribbles  mixed with numerous sounds of them being tossed on the grill … sizzling sounds and fire spitting like from fresh burgers tossed over an open flame. The squealing grows louder, more frantic and then comes to a stop.>>

  1. Head Chef 1: (laughs) I told you it would only hurt for a moment.

<< The door to the galley opens. K’ahless walks in.>>

  1. K’ahless: What is that smell?? <a lionish growl> It stinks more than usual.
  2. Head Chef 1: Yes, it does … but only for a moment. Once the hair has burned off, the smell disappears and it will be replaced with the sweet smell of BBQ’d tribble.

<more sounds of Tribbles screeching as more are thrown on the grill.>

  1. K’ahless: You cook them alive?
  2. Head Chef 1: Do they deserve better?
  3. K’ahless: I guess not.
  4. Head Chef 1: Besides, it is the adrenaline produced in their last few moments of life that gives true barbequed tribbles their unique flavor.
  5. K’ahless: So that is the secret to their goodness?
  6. Head Chef 1: *One* of the secrets in the recipe. The others I will take with me to my grave.
  7. K’ahless: If you say so, but it’s a shame to lose this delicious dish upon your death.
  8. Head Chef 1: Flattery will only get you a second helping, and not my secret recipe. (changing the subject) So, what brings you to the kitchens, K’ahless?
  9. K’ahless: General Hauk sent me here. He said you had something for me.
  10. Head Chef 1: Ahhh. <evil laugh> So, you are here for “the message” he had me prepare just for the occasion. <additional sounds of more tribbles being added to the fire of the grill> It is almost ready.
  11. K’ahless: I am on a tight schedule.
  12. Head Chef 1: You can’t rush something as important as this. It’s a matter of … honor.
  13. K’ahless: (unhappy with the delay.)
  14. Head Chef 1: If you don’t mind watching the BBQ’d tribbles, I’ll be able to take care of it faster.
  15. K’ahless: But I’m not a cook.
  16. Head Chef 1: You’ll do fine. All you have to do is flip them over in about a minute. Start with this one here and then go around the grill clock-wise.
  17. K’ahless: Hurry up.

<The Head Chef leaves K’ahless at the grill. The Head Chef goes to the back. The sound of tribbles squealing is heard distantly. He flips the BBQ’d tribbles over and they begin sizzling again loudly. The Head Chef comes back.>

  1. Head Chef 1: Looking good there. Here, I’ll trade you.
    K’ahless: What’s in the bag?
  2. Head Chef 1: Just a few odds and ends you’ll need on this mission. <tribbles squeal>
  3. K’ahless: Tribbles?
  4. Head Chef 1: Among other things. There’s also a padd in there with the recipe General Hauk requires you to follow. Be sure to follow the directions precisely. The House of Rha’s honor is at stake.
  5. K’ahless: Don’t worry. I’ll do my part.
  6. Head Chef 1: Now, get out of here. You’re getting hair all over my BBQ’d tribbles.


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