Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Gates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Revenge_cover3aGates of Sto’vo’kor 3-1 – Revenge: It’s For Dinner! is now available to download. Check it out here. After a long hiatus, Hauk, G’hargh, Korrath, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald are back in this season three premiere of Gates of Sto’vo’kor!

Hauk and G’hargh have put their differences aside their differences and have come to an equitable arrangement that resolves their past grievances. Hauk shares a story of Revenge and vengeance against a member of G’hargh’s crew for what they had done to a member of Hauk’s family. Revenge: It’s For Dinner!

Welcome to Gates of Sto-vo-kor! Featuring the Warriors of Sto’vo’kor: Korrath, G’hargh, Hauk, Deyvid, Karn, and Sskald. Join us on this tale of Honor, Glory, and a debt repaid! Revenge: It’s For Dinner.

For our friends with hearing impairments, we are making our script available to download here.

OPENING SCENE: G’Hargh arrives at Gates of Sto’vo’kor with Karn in tow.

G’Hargh: <very irritated> Where is Hauk? … He owes me something.

  1. Sskald: What is the matter, G’Hargh?
  2. Korrath: What could Hauk possibly owe you? He hardly tolerates you as it is.
  3. G’Hargh: It is a matter of honor … and of compensation.
  4. Deyvid: Honor and Compensation? Neither seems to go together well.
  5. Karn: You do not know the half of it yet.
  6. Korrath: I recognize that look on your face Karn. You know something about what is going on here, don’t you?
  7. Karn: I do, but it is not my place to speak of it right now.
  8. Sskald: There is Hauk. … He’s coming this way.

<footsteps across the bar>

  1. G’Hargh: <irritation, possible threat implied in tone> You’re late. We had agreed to meet here a half hour ago. Did you bring it?
  2. Hauk: Yes. Yes. I have it. … Just as we discussed. … But what is *he* doing here?
  3. Karn: I am here by G’hargh’s request. He wanted to use my unique skills to …
  4. G’Hargh: (interrupting) I asked him to verify the authenticity of the object. With what you have done, I must be certain that you are not trying to pull a fast one on me.
  5. Korrath: What are you two up to?
  6. DeyviD: I must admit you have piqued my curiosity.
  7. G’Hargh: I will let HIM tell this one since it was his actions that had brought us to this point. Besides, I am thirsty. <Bangs table> Bartender, bring us all bloodwine and put it on Hauk’s tab.
  8. Sskald: Make mine a Merridor.
  9. G’hargh: Hauk, consider it interest on the debt you are repaying.
  10. Hauk: (annoyed) Must I remind you that I am not the one that started this, G’hargh. I just finished it.
  11. G’hargh: I was completely within my rights.
  12. Deyvid: No more stalling. Let’s get on with it already! You’re starting to try my patience.
  13. Sskald: Mammals … All of this useless posturing is for what exactly?
  14. Korrath: I hate to say it, but I agree with Deyvid and Sskald. Get on with the story already … and it better be good.
  15. Hauk: <growls in irritation> It concerns a chef who had some skill in the kitchen …


NEW SCENE: Captain’s Ready Room aboard the I.K.S. QuIn ‘an bortaS

  1. Hauk: Computer Begin recording! <insert computer beep> I have just learned more information regarding the death of my sister’s son. Koragh was a master chef, and skilled in the culinary arts. He served as head chef aboard the I.K.S. To’fe Heq, G’hargh’s ship, where he was known as ‘Cookie.’ Although his skills as a warrior were unimpressive, there were few who could best him when it came to the proper preparation of a good meal. What disturbs me is that although I do not believe him to be without fault in this incident, the shame and subsequent dishonor his death brought to the House of Rha should have fallen more firmly on the shoulders of another …

<sound of a door chime interrupts the recording>

  1. Hauk: Computer, halt recording. <acknowledging beep) Enter!
  2. K’ahless: You asked to see me, General?
  3. Hauk: K’ahless, you have always served me well and demonstrated your loyalty to our House on multiple occasions.
  4. K’ahless: You gave me a home and a purpose when my Pride wrongfully cast me out. It is the least I can do to serve you, General, and your house to the best of my ability.
  5. Hauk: I have an important mission that requires someone with your unique skills. If successful, you just might have finally earned that starship you’ve always wanted.
  6. K’ahless: A command of my own? As you know, I live to serve the House of Rha. …
  7. Hauk: You’re loyalty has never been in doubt, my friend.
  8. K’ahless: Ask what you will and I will strive to upturn the heavens themselves to achieve it.
  9. Hauk: Of that, I have no doubt either.
  10. K’ahless: What will you have me do, General?
  11. Hauk: Reports have reached me that a cold-blooded nuch is responsible for the death of my nephew. <fist pounds table>
  12. K’ahless: Have you discovered what happened to Cookie?
  13. Hauk: I have and it is time for this debt to be settled. His death MUST be avenged!
  14. K’ahless: I promise you, General. … This nuch will not live to see many more days and will suffer for his actions against our House.
  15. Hauk: Good.
  16. K’ahless: What information do you have that will help me in … dispatching … this boqrat?
  1. Hauk: <sound of padd sliding across a desk> That padd contains all that we know about the I.K.S. To’fe Heq, the petaQ responsible for Koragh’s death and those you are likely to encounter. You will also find information on how to contact a member of that ship’s crew who will smuggle you on and off the ship when it docks at the shipyards in orbit of Qo’noS. And above all else, avoid G’hargh – he knows you and will suspect something is amiss if he finds you aboard his vessel.
  2. K’ahless: Yes, my General. Consider it done.
  3. Hauk: And one last thing …
  4. K’ahless: Yes General?
  5. Hauk: Make sure to stop by our ship’s galley as there are a few things I want you to pick up and take with you. (laughs)
  6. K’ahless: Sir?
  7. Hauk: Our chef will fill you in on the details. You better get going. The I.K.S. To’fe Heq will be leaving space dock soon and I need you back here before it does.
  8. K’ahless: As you command.


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