Character Artwork: Hauk

star trek 4


Greetings Warriors,

Continuing with the releases of our new character artwork portraits, today we release Hauk. Leader of the Powerful Klingon House of Rha, Hauk commands one of the largest collections of ships in Klingon space. He has long been an enthusiast of starships and hoards many to use as rewards for those who serve him and his house with honor, distinction, and loyalty. His significant fleet is not populated with only ships made by Klingons, but all manner of makes and models. From Jem’Hadar fighters to Tholian carriers, his fleets are as diverse as the members of his house.

The House of Rha is a refuge and haven for many of the outcasts of the empire. In Hauk’s service you will find all manner of aliens including Ferasans, Gorn, Nausicaan, and even Romulans.

In an effort to make Huk look visually distinct we decided on a very different approach. Instead of traditional armor, Hauk is sporting the Dyson uniform awarded to tier 3 spire fleet holdings. Hauk is a bit more technical that the other warriors and this is by far the “techiest” look in the game available to the KDF faction. Mixed in are elements of other uniforms such as the Veteran gauntlets as a means of keeping him KDF, as well as the Voth uniform collar.

My personal favorite aspect of this piece is the holographic raider and the glow it casts on Hauk.

star trek 4

Hauk by Nyuunzi



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