Character Artwork: G’hargh


Greetings Warriors,

Today we present the new character artwork for everyone’s favorite Klingon scoundrel, G’hargh. Prior to the new uniform updates many of the warriors wore very similar and very generic uniforms that differed only slightly from one another. This changed with the release of the Bortas uniforms. The look of this uniform feels very distinct and fits G’hargh’s character very well.

G’hargh can be hard to read at times, following some traditions but discarding others, to reflect this we see him sport a pair of tinted lenses from the Dyson uniform set, slightly modified.

As with many Klingons, G’hargh is a warrior first and foremost. What better way to show that than to have him sling an over-sized bat’leth over his shoulder! This was a nice touch by the artist and, in my opinion, looks FREAKING AWESOME. Many foes have underestimated G’hargh because of his aloof nature and indulgent lifestyle. Those foes have fallen to the swift strokes of that bat’leth and a deep cutting quip that would sting for long after, if any survived that is.

The final touch is the bottle of bloodwine griped firmly in his left hand, nothing more needs to be said about that.

Star Trek 3 2

G’hargh by Nyuunzi



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