Character Artwork: Korrath

Korrath by Nyuunzi


Greetings Warriors!

Some of you may have noticed in the latest images for our crossover episodes that our cast have received a change in appearance. One of the things we try to hold steady to is a grounding to Star Trek Online, the MMO universe where our show is based. In the years since the game was launched and our show was created, many new uniforms and outfits have been introduced, many many more than what was available for the KDF faction in the year after launch. Now that there are more options available the, decision was made to update our characters to reflect this diversity as well as adding unique details to our characters.

In the following days, we will be uploading custom character artwork commissioned for each character. We begin with the heart of our cast, the wise miser, Korrath. A former agent of the Imperial Revenue Service, Korrath is a wizard with finances. His skills are a rival for any savvy Ferengi and equal only to his skill with a D’tag. In this image we see him in his new armor based on the Korath temporal uniform from the game. He holds a pocket padd monitoring his recent investments as he inspects a small energy credit chip.

Artwork by Nyuunzi (Caution, some content may be NSFW)

Korrath by Nyuunzi

Korrath by Nyuunzi

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