Messages From the Outback – Part Two

Messages From the Outback – Part Two

MFOB2Gates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part Two: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the epilogue to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, is currently available on Starfinder’s website. Check out the exciting conclusion to this massive Klingon arc for Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder here.

(as sskald speaks, the scene transitions to the kradec’s bridge).

  1. Sskald: The Kradec limped from the system with Starfinder accompanying her the entire way. Once they had entered interstellar space, Captain ANN-D hailed.
  2. ANND: May we offer you any assistance in getting your ship operational again?
  3. Valkara: We appreciate your offer, but if our crew is going to recover from this dishonorable event and become unified we need to do this ourselves.
  4. ANND: You are wise, my dear General. The offer remains if you require it. We should be within communication range for a few more days. If you need anything …
  5. Valkara: I know how to find you. Safe travels, Captain ANN-D.
  6. ANN-D: Die with honor Valkara. Close Channel.
  7. Valkara: (turning from the view screen) Where’s Melonar?
  8. To’jet: He is down in Engineering.
  9. Valkara: (taps combadge) Come in Melonar.
  10. Melonar: (over the com) Yes General?
  11. Valkara: How much longer for the repairs?
  12. Melonar: It’s going to be at least eighteen hours.
  13. Valkara: Cut that down to twelve.
  14. Melonar: Yes, General.
  15. Valkara: Don’t let me down. Valkara out. Is Krang still in the mess hall?
  16. To’jet: No. He’s in the armory.
  17. Valkara: I’m going to the mess hall for a rachtijino.
  18. Sskald: Valkara understood Krang’s feelings, but her own were still a mystery to her. The two of them had significant history, but she never knew how he felt. The situation certainly complicated matters, especially when she considered the attraction she felt for ANN-D. Until then, she avoided Krang as much as possible.
  19. To’jet: General, we’ve got company?
  20. Valkara: (disappointed that her rachticino would have to wait) The status of their weapons and shields?
  21. To’jet: No threat detected. They are hailing.
  22. Valkara: Put them on screen.
  23. Jorgen: Jorgen Captain, I am. Help you, I can.
  24. Valkara: We do not require assistance.
  25. Jorgen: Tell us different, your breaches do. Materials you need, we have. Duranium, Tritanium, more, we have. Deal we make. Yes?
  26. To’jet: Muting. General, we should open negotiations with these people. If they have access to a steady stream of resources, we won’t have to depend completely on the home world or the Tyr Gash.
  27. Valkara: Once again your wisdom shines through. Continue transmission. Captain Jorgen, we have decided to take you up on your offer. We will compile a list of supplies we require as well as materials we can trade and transmit them within the hour.
  28. Jorgen: Happy, we are. Deal, we make. Wait, we will.
  29. Valkara: Close channel. (taps badge) Krang, I need a list of supplies required by all departments. It appears we have found a possible trade partner. You’ve got less than an hour.
  30. Krang: That is good news, General. It will be done.
  31. Sskald: In short order, the list was compiled and Krang brought the Padd to Valkara personally. She looked it over before handing it to To’jet to transmit to the alien trader captain.
  32. Jorgen: Big order, this is. Help you, we can. Take time, it will.
  33. Valkara: How much time?
  34. Jorgen: Hours, three or four. Ships, need more. Deliveries, many. Expensive, very.
  35. Sskald: Valkara opened negotiations once a common currency was agreed upon. Klingon negotiating tactics are aggressive and are approached as another battlefield in which to earn honor and glory. Jorgen never had a chance. For a couple of crates of gagh, a barrel of bloodwine, a few miscellaneous odds and ends, and the promise of new trade opportunities with the Klingon Empire for their goods depending on the outcome of this transaction; Valkara seemed to have won the contest.
  36. To’jet: Five vessels are incoming.
  37. Valkara: Those must be the resources.
  38. To’jet: I don’t think so. They are of a completely different design. Their weapons are charged!
  39. Krang: Red Alert!
  40. Melonar: (over the com) What’s going on up there?
  41. Krang: We need weapons and shields, Melonar.
  42. Melonar: (over the com) You will have it.
  43. To’jet: Captain Jorgen is hailing.
  44. Valkara: On screen. (the channel is open). How dare you betray us!
  45. Jorgen: (speaking quickly and definitely fearful of something). Pirates Lorgan! Defenseless, we are. Weapons you have. Help us, you must.
  46. Valkara: Get your ship behind us. We’ll do what we can to keep them away from you. Close channel.
  47. Krang: Status of shields and weapons?
  48. To’jet: Shields are up and holding at 83%. Weapons are still offline.
  49. Krang: Melonar, where are our weapons?
  50. Melonar: (over the com) On their way commander.
  51. Valkara: Hail the lead vessel.
  52. To’jet: Channel Open.
  53. Valkara: Approaching vessels. Identify yourself.
  54. To’jet: No response.
  55. Valkara: Your presence is unwelcomed. Turn around and you will live to see another day. Continue on your present course and you will be destroyed.
  56. To’jet: They’re powering up their weapons.

(Gates of Sto’vo’kor bar).

  1. G’hargh: I do not believe it.
  2. Korrath: What’s not to believe?
  3. Hauk: For the last time, G’hargh, the Opera was entertainment. It does not attempt to be factual and should not be taken as such.
  4. Karn: I can vouch for the veracity of his story. He believes it to be true.
  5. G’hargh: That’s not what I’m talking about you fools. I do not believe Valkara would give up command of the Kradec so easily.
  6. Deyvid: What is not to understand? She is doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of her mission.
  7. Hauk: It did sound like she intended to reclaim her command once the situation with the Tyr Gash had stabilized.
  8. G’hargh: I still find it hard to believe. Perhaps I will have to make a cargo run to the ‘awtbaq sometime to verify all of these stories of yours Sskald.
  9. Sskald: And when you do, let me know and I will accompany you.
  10. Karn: Oh no. Not again. Sskald, why must you think about that now?
  11. Sskald: (Laughing) Just checking to see if you were still eavesdropping Karn.
  12. Karn: When will I learn to stay out of the minds of Gorn?
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