Messages From the Outback – Part Two

Messages From the Outback – Part Two

MFOB2Gates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part Two: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the epilogue to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, is currently available on Starfinder’s website. Check out the exciting conclusion to this massive Klingon arc for Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder here.

(inside the Gates of Sto’vo’kor bar. Sskald is reading a padd by himself when Korrath, Hauk, and G’hargh walk up with Karn and Deyvid. They just finished a big a meal after seeing the newest Opera hitting the theaters of First City about Valkara and the crew of the IKS Kradec. )

  1. Sskald: (working his padd, he looks up and sees his friends approach the table.) How was the Opera?
  2. Karn: Well, it was a Klingon Opera. I had a hard time following it.
  3. Deyvid: What is there not to understand?
  4. Karn: I found the experience quite… disturbing, with all the singing and fighting, and then there was the whole throwing things across the stage while the other was singing thing. Then there was the audience participation… I don’t get it.
  5. Hauk: Klingon romance is not for the faint of heart, Karn. I don’t think you would know what to do with yourself if a Klingon woman took an interest in you.
  6. Karn: This I suspect is true.
  7. Korrath: Karn may not have enjoyed himself as much as we did, but I found it to be a fun distraction. An excellent theatrical presentation.
  8. G’hargh: But, it got everything wrong.
  9. Hauk: Oh no not this again. After the performance, we went to dinner and he wouldn’t shut up about it.
  10. Sskald: Sorry I asked.
  11. G’hargh: What I said over dinner is that the Opera completely contradicts what we know of those events.
  12. Deyvid: It’s not all about you G’hargh.
  13. Hauk: Get off it, G’hargh. Nobody wants to hear you knit-pick the Opera apart just because we have some inside information on what’s really going on in the ‘awtbaq. It was a good time.
  14. G’hargh: I fully admit that. I did have fun, but it still doesn’t excuse them from making the whole thing up. Unless there is something Sskald wants to tell us about it.
  15. Sskald: What do you mean?
  16. Deyvid: he wants to know if you were …
  17. G’hargh: Admit it Sskald. You made the whole thing up. Sklood is not your mate, admit it.
  18. Sskald: What are you talking about?
  19. Hauk: According to the Opera, there was a love scene between Third Officer Sklood and the leader of the Gorn traitors, Chief Chiurgeon Siskish.
  20. G’hargh: One of these things is a lie, and I want to know which is it?
  21. Korrath: G’hargh also reads the end of the book first.
  22. Karn: G’hargh can read?
  23. Sskald: I doubted that the Opera was going to be at all factual, and I am less surprised at how far from the truth they took the show all in the name of entertainment. Sklood is my mate but she is free to pursue other romantic interests. We only meet these days when she is in her fertile cycle.
  24. Karn: Too much information.
  25. Sskald: From what she told me in her last message there are other more interesting prospects than that fool Siskish.
  26. G’hargh: Message? Does that mean you can tell us what happened after the Tyr Gash incident?
  27. Korrath: You’ve made a fanatic out of G’hargh.
  28. Hauk: If you’ve got more stories of the Kradec, I want to hear them.
  29. Deyvid: As do I.
  30. Sskald: Yes, I have a few more stories I can tell.
  31. G’hargh: Just a second. (calling out to the waitress) Two rounds of Meridor for me and my friends. (back to sskald). Alright. Go ahead.
  32. Sskald: Where should I begin?
  33. Korrath: How about when the Kradec left the Tyr Gash homeworld after dealing with the mutineers?

(Gates of Sto’vo’kor bar).

  1. G’hargh: I do not believe it.
  2. Korrath: What’s not to believe?
  3. Hauk: For the last time, G’hargh, the Opera was entertainment. It does not attempt to be factual and should not be taken as such.
  4. Karn: I can vouch for the veracity of his story. He believes it to be true.
  5. G’hargh: That’s not what I’m talking about you fools. I do not believe Valkara would give up command of the Kradec so easily.
  6. Deyvid: What is not to understand? She is doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of her mission.
  7. Hauk: It did sound like she intended to reclaim her command once the situation with the Tyr Gash had stabilized.
  8. G’hargh: I still find it hard to believe. Perhaps I will have to make a cargo run to the ‘awtbaq sometime to verify all of these stories of yours Sskald.
  9. Sskald: And when you do, let me know and I will accompany you.
  10. Karn: Oh no. Not again. Sskald, why must you think about that now?
  11. Sskald: (Laughing) Just checking to see if you were still eavesdropping Karn.
  12. Karn: When will I learn to stay out of the minds of Gorn?
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