Messages From the Outback – Part Two

Messages From the Outback – Part Two

MFOB2Gates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part Two: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the epilogue to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, is currently available on Starfinder’s website. Check out the exciting conclusion to this massive Klingon arc for Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder here.

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When the other warriors of Sto’vo’kor return from the latest Opera portraying the further adventures of General Valkara and the I.K.S. Kradec, Sskald shares the latest news from the Outback, courtesy of Sklood, his mate and second officer aboard the I.K.S. Kradec. After leaving the Tyr Gash homeworld, the crew makes some new friends and enemies. Once the Klingon fleet arrives, only Valkara can keep the fragile peace between the Klingon Empire and the Tyr Gash from erupting into war. You don’t want to miss this exciting conclusion to a four-part crossover miniseries event between the Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Star Trek: Starfinder.

This episode was Written by Mike Medeiros,  Directed by Mike Medeiros and Ross Bullock, Edited by Ross Bullock, and Produced by Mike Medeiros for Busy Little Beaver Productions. Graphics created by Ross Bullock and George Silsby. Featuring the voice talents of Korrath, G’hargh, Karn, Deyvid, Sskald, Hauk, and the crew of the I.K.S. Kradec.

We are including our original script for this episode for our fans with hearing impairments. You can download the script Gates of Stovokor – Messages From the Outback Part 2 or click the links below and read the script online.

Gates of Sto’vo’kor – Messages From the Outback: Part 2 – Script

Sskald – Ross Bullock

Korrath – Mike Medeiros

G’hargh – Michael Coleman

Hauk – Mike Tripp

Karn – Alan Clifton

Deyvid – DeyvID HolQIn

Valkara – Lacy Bennett

Krang – Mike Medeiros

To’jet – “Hippie” John Scheuerman

Melonar – Anthony Battles

Purina – Michelle Heiner

Messenger – Anthony Battles

Cholaq – Zadok

Clutch Mother – Lem (Kestra) McHardy

Kresh – Oren Ashkenazi

ANN-D – Avi Kerensky

Jorgen – John Barnes

Sklood – Adrianne Grady


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(inside the Gates of Sto’vo’kor bar. Sskald is reading a padd by himself when Korrath, Hauk, and G’hargh walk up with Karn and Deyvid. They just finished a big a meal after seeing the newest Opera hitting the theaters of First City about Valkara and the crew of the IKS Kradec. )

  1. Sskald: (working his padd, he looks up and sees his friends approach the table.) How was the Opera?
  2. Karn: Well, it was a Klingon Opera. I had a hard time following it.
  3. Deyvid: What is there not to understand?
  4. Karn: I found the experience quite… disturbing, with all the singing and fighting, and then there was the whole throwing things across the stage while the other was singing thing. Then there was the audience participation… I don’t get it.
  5. Hauk: Klingon romance is not for the faint of heart, Karn. I don’t think you would know what to do with yourself if a Klingon woman took an interest in you.
  6. Karn: This I suspect is true.
  7. Korrath: Karn may not have enjoyed himself as much as we did, but I found it to be a fun distraction. An excellent theatrical presentation.
  8. G’hargh: But, it got everything wrong.
  9. Hauk: Oh no not this again. After the performance, we went to dinner and he wouldn’t shut up about it.
  10. Sskald: Sorry I asked.
  11. G’hargh: What I said over dinner is that the Opera completely contradicts what we know of those events.
  12. Deyvid: It’s not all about you G’hargh.
  13. Hauk: Get off it, G’hargh. Nobody wants to hear you knit-pick the Opera apart just because we have some inside information on what’s really going on in the ‘awtbaq. It was a good time.
  14. G’hargh: I fully admit that. I did have fun, but it still doesn’t excuse them from making the whole thing up. Unless there is something Sskald wants to tell us about it.
  15. Sskald: What do you mean?
  16. Deyvid: he wants to know if you were …
  17. G’hargh: Admit it Sskald. You made the whole thing up. Sklood is not your mate, admit it.
  18. Sskald: What are you talking about?
  19. Hauk: According to the Opera, there was a love scene between Third Officer Sklood and the leader of the Gorn traitors, Chief Chiurgeon Siskish.
  20. G’hargh: One of these things is a lie, and I want to know which is it?
  21. Korrath: G’hargh also reads the end of the book first.
  22. Karn: G’hargh can read?
  23. Sskald: I doubted that the Opera was going to be at all factual, and I am less surprised at how far from the truth they took the show all in the name of entertainment. Sklood is my mate but she is free to pursue other romantic interests. We only meet these days when she is in her fertile cycle.
  24. Karn: Too much information.
  25. Sskald: From what she told me in her last message there are other more interesting prospects than that fool Siskish.
  26. G’hargh: Message? Does that mean you can tell us what happened after the Tyr Gash incident?
  27. Korrath: You’ve made a fanatic out of G’hargh.
  28. Hauk: If you’ve got more stories of the Kradec, I want to hear them.
  29. Deyvid: As do I.
  30. Sskald: Yes, I have a few more stories I can tell.
  31. G’hargh: Just a second. (calling out to the waitress) Two rounds of Meridor for me and my friends. (back to sskald). Alright. Go ahead.
  32. Sskald: Where should I begin?
  33. Korrath: How about when the Kradec left the Tyr Gash homeworld after dealing with the mutineers?


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(as sskald speaks, the scene transitions to the kradec’s bridge).

  1. Sskald: The Kradec limped from the system with Starfinder accompanying her the entire way. Once they had entered interstellar space, Captain ANN-D hailed.
  2. ANND: May we offer you any assistance in getting your ship operational again?
  3. Valkara: We appreciate your offer, but if our crew is going to recover from this dishonorable event and become unified we need to do this ourselves.
  4. ANND: You are wise, my dear General. The offer remains if you require it. We should be within communication range for a few more days. If you need anything …
  5. Valkara: I know how to find you. Safe travels, Captain ANN-D.
  6. ANN-D: Die with honor Valkara. Close Channel.
  7. Valkara: (turning from the view screen) Where’s Melonar?
  8. To’jet: He is down in Engineering.
  9. Valkara: (taps combadge) Come in Melonar.
  10. Melonar: (over the com) Yes General?
  11. Valkara: How much longer for the repairs?
  12. Melonar: It’s going to be at least eighteen hours.
  13. Valkara: Cut that down to twelve.
  14. Melonar: Yes, General.
  15. Valkara: Don’t let me down. Valkara out. Is Krang still in the mess hall?
  16. To’jet: No. He’s in the armory.
  17. Valkara: I’m going to the mess hall for a rachtijino.
  18. Sskald: Valkara understood Krang’s feelings, but her own were still a mystery to her. The two of them had significant history, but she never knew how he felt. The situation certainly complicated matters, especially when she considered the attraction she felt for ANN-D. Until then, she avoided Krang as much as possible.
  19. To’jet: General, we’ve got company?
  20. Valkara: (disappointed that her rachticino would have to wait) The status of their weapons and shields?
  21. To’jet: No threat detected. They are hailing.
  22. Valkara: Put them on screen.
  23. Jorgen: Jorgen Captain, I am. Help you, I can.
  24. Valkara: We do not require assistance.
  25. Jorgen: Tell us different, your breaches do. Materials you need, we have. Duranium, Tritanium, more, we have. Deal we make. Yes?
  26. To’jet: Muting. General, we should open negotiations with these people. If they have access to a steady stream of resources, we won’t have to depend completely on the home world or the Tyr Gash.
  27. Valkara: Once again your wisdom shines through. Continue transmission. Captain Jorgen, we have decided to take you up on your offer. We will compile a list of supplies we require as well as materials we can trade and transmit them within the hour.
  28. Jorgen: Happy, we are. Deal, we make. Wait, we will.
  29. Valkara: Close channel. (taps badge) Krang, I need a list of supplies required by all departments. It appears we have found a possible trade partner. You’ve got less than an hour.
  30. Krang: That is good news, General. It will be done.
  31. Sskald: In short order, the list was compiled and Krang brought the Padd to Valkara personally. She looked it over before handing it to To’jet to transmit to the alien trader captain.
  32. Jorgen: Big order, this is. Help you, we can. Take time, it will.
  33. Valkara: How much time?
  34. Jorgen: Hours, three or four. Ships, need more. Deliveries, many. Expensive, very.
  35. Sskald: Valkara opened negotiations once a common currency was agreed upon. Klingon negotiating tactics are aggressive and are approached as another battlefield in which to earn honor and glory. Jorgen never had a chance. For a couple of crates of gagh, a barrel of bloodwine, a few miscellaneous odds and ends, and the promise of new trade opportunities with the Klingon Empire for their goods depending on the outcome of this transaction; Valkara seemed to have won the contest.
  36. To’jet: Five vessels are incoming.
  37. Valkara: Those must be the resources.
  38. To’jet: I don’t think so. They are of a completely different design. Their weapons are charged!
  39. Krang: Red Alert!
  40. Melonar: (over the com) What’s going on up there?
  41. Krang: We need weapons and shields, Melonar.
  42. Melonar: (over the com) You will have it.
  43. To’jet: Captain Jorgen is hailing.
  44. Valkara: On screen. (the channel is open). How dare you betray us!
  45. Jorgen: (speaking quickly and definitely fearful of something). Pirates Lorgan! Defenseless, we are. Weapons you have. Help us, you must.
  46. Valkara: Get your ship behind us. We’ll do what we can to keep them away from you. Close channel.
  47. Krang: Status of shields and weapons?
  48. To’jet: Shields are up and holding at 83%. Weapons are still offline.
  49. Krang: Melonar, where are our weapons?
  50. Melonar: (over the com) On their way commander.
  51. Valkara: Hail the lead vessel.
  52. To’jet: Channel Open.
  53. Valkara: Approaching vessels. Identify yourself.
  54. To’jet: No response.
  55. Valkara: Your presence is unwelcomed. Turn around and you will live to see another day. Continue on your present course and you will be destroyed.
  56. To’jet: They’re powering up their weapons.


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(energy blasts hit the shields.)

  1. To’jet: Shields holding at 82%. Weapons are still offline.
  2. Valkara: So be it. Today you have made an enemy of the Klingon Empire. Prepare to die.
  3. Krang: Where are our weapons, Melonar?
  4. Melonar: Just another second more. Forward disruptors and torpedoes are online. That’s the best I can do.
  5. To’jet: Confirmed.
  6. Valkara and Krang: (together) Fire!

(space combat sounds)

  1. Sskald: The pirate’s ships were small and swift. They circled around the Kradec effortlessly, firing their low energy weapons almost unchallenged as they managed to evade nearly every attempt made by the Kradec to reduce their numbers. However, when one of the small craft made a fatal error, the Kradec was ready to exploit it and destroyed one of the pesky craft.

(distant explosion)

  1. Purina: Perhaps it’s time to put this old dog down. I volunteer to put him out of his misery.
  2. To’jet: (ignoring the comment for now.) Stop jerking the controls. Track one ship at a time until I can get a target lock. I’ll call out the ship to follow. Target vessel three on trajectory 10 by 72 by 314.
  3. Purina: Got it.

(combat sounds continue followed by another explosion).

  1. Sklood: General, power levels are increasing. We’re heading towards an overload.
  2. Valkara: What?
  3. Krang: Melonar?
  4. Melonar: It’s the alien weapons. Their energy is not dissipating after striking the shields. It’s being absorbed and feeding back throughout the ship.
  5. Krang: Save the excuses and tell me what you’re going to do about it.
  6. Melonar: I might be able to shunt the excess power to the deflector with Sklood’s help.
  7. Sklood: Then, we can dissipate the energy into space.
  8. Krang: Can you focus the energy into a weapon we can use against them?
  9. Melonar: What do you think Sklood? A focused deflector pulse?
  10. Sklood: It may blow out the deflector, but if we do nothing, the deflector will be the least of our worries.
  11. Valkara: Proceed.
  12. Krang: You’ve heard the General. We needed this new weapon five minutes ago.
  13. Sskald: The combat continued for several minutes with very few near misses and even fewer direct hits. When Sklood and Melonar finished their preparations, the order was given to fire the deflector pulse the moment all three pirate vessels were within their anticipated firing arc. Two of the remaining ships were instantly destroyed, while the remaining ship suffered severe damage that only delayed its demise. Its death was met with a cry of victory from the bridge crew.

(bridge crew cries out in joy and excitement)


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  1. Krang: Damage Report?
  2. Ssklood: The Deflector is fried. We will need a starbase to manufacture a replacement.
  3. To’jet: We’re being hailed by Jorgen.
  4. Valkara: On screen.
  5. Jorgen: My gratitude, you have.
  6. Valkara: We have taken extensive damage in dealing with the pirates.
  7. Jorgen: What need you?
  8. Valkara: Our deflector is non-operational.
  9. Jorgen: Help you, we can. Deep Discount, we give.
  10. Sskald: True to his word, Jorgen’s people the Pilachio, delivered on their agreement for the original list of resources and components. Within a matter of hours, their first deal concluded with their final exchange. The deflector, on the other hand, was an entirely different matter and was going to take significantly more time. The Pilachio called for a tug to tow the Kradec to their closest shipyard colony, while the Kradec’s deflector schematics were transmitted to a different site to manufacture the deflector. By the time the Kradec reached the shipyard colony at low warp, nearly a week had passed and the deflector was waiting for them. Its installation was swift and efficient and supervised by Melonar, Sklood, and their respective engineering and science teams. With repairs complete, the Kradec paid the Pilachio with a spent disruptor module and an assortment of spices, textiles, and other trinkets before continuing their ongoing mission within the outback with a fresh set of Pilachio star charts. In that time, the fleet had at last reached the ‘awtbaq.
  11. To’jet: Incoming transmission from Lt. General Cholaq.
  12. Valkara: Where is the fleet?
  13. To’jet: They have just passed through the passage way and are holding position just inside the ‘awtbaq.
  14. Valkara: Put General Cholaq on screen. (Communication shirp) Qapla’ General! Welcome to the ‘awtbaq.
  15. Cholaq: Are the Tyr Gash ready for us?
  16. Valkara: We’re transmitting coordinates to the Tyr Gash home world now. We will rendezvous with you there. Do not enter the system until after we’ve had an opportunity to speak with them.
  17. Cholaq: Coordinates received. We will see you shortly. Cholaq out.
  18. Valkara: Purina, I assume you know the way back to the Tyr Gash home world?
  19. Purina: Yes, I know the way General. We should be in orbit in less than three hours.
  20. Valkara: How long until the fleet arrives?
  21. Sklood: The fleet will arrive in two days, sixteen hours.
  22. Valkara: Good, I expect the ship to be inspection ready when the General and the fleet arrives.
  23. Sskald: When the Kradec returned to the Tyr Gash homeworld, they entered orbit. They were surprised to find the Tyr Gash hard at work. Not only had they cleared a large swath of land along the planet’s temperate zone to be used for shuttle and bird-of-prey landing, complete with several outlying structures to house the various resources and services. However, and even more surprising, was what they had found in orbit. The Tyr Gash had begun construction an orbital facility and shipyard for the larger vessels of the Empire.
  24. Valkara: Hail the Tyr Gash.
  25. Kresh: You have returned. Has your fleet reached our space?
  26. Valkara: They will be here in a few days. It appears you’ve been hard at work. We are here to inspect the facilities you have made available to us, but we did not expect so much so soon.
  27. Kresh: Clutch Mother has shown us how to operate our ancestral vessels with the stories and songs that every Tyr Gash learns at a young age. We never knew that those silly children’s songs were preparing us to join our brothers in the stars. We are transmitting landing coordinates. I will meet you with you when you arrive.
  28. To’jet: Coordinates received.
  29. Valkara: We will be taking the MoronD down. Valkara out.
  30. Sskald: The MoronD detached from its mother ship and flew past the orbital facility. It wasn’t operational yet, but at the rate the Tyr Gash was going, it would be only a matter of days. The MoronD entered the atmosphere and flew a short distance to the landing coordinates and touched down. Kresh, his aide, and the site’s construction supervisor were waiting for them.
  31. Kresh: Welcome General Valkara. I am pleased to meet you in person. Come, let me give you a tour of your new nesting place.
  32. Valkara: We appreciate your hospitality and look forward to seeing what you have done here.
  33. Kresh: Clutch Mother has given us all of the specifications required by your Empire. We have done our best to meet your exacting specifications.
  34. Valkara: And, it seems you’ve done a fantastic job.
  35. Sskald: Several hours later after scouring nearly every square foot of the site the Tyr Gash had created for the Klingon stronghold, they returned to the MoronD.
  36. Valkara: Kresh, I invite you and your aides to come aboard our ship for a tour and a meal with my officers.
  37. Kresh: I would be honored, but I’m afraid my aides are too busy with their duties to come along with us.
  38. Sskald: Aboard the Kradec, the tour was brief compared to the one on the planet. Dinner was served and some of the more squeamish races aboard the ship excused themselves and left the mess hall. When the meal was complete, Valkara demonstrated the transporter to Kresh and sent him back home to his people. General Cholaq and his fleet arrived shortly thereafter.
  39. Cholaq: What’s the status of our stronghold?
  40. Valkara: The Tyr Gash surprised me with their progress. Not only are they ready with a planetary outpost, but they should be finished with their orbital facility by now.
  41. Cholaq: Orbital facility? I thought you said that their technological level was equivalent to early industrial age.
  42. Valkara: Deceptively so. Their Clutch Mother, an AI caretaker, has made sure they have the knowledge to use advanced ancient technology, despite their level of understanding. However, that is not to say that they are not extremely intelligent and should not be taken for granted.
  43. Cholaq: We shall see.
  44. Sskald: The Kradec led the fleet to the Tyr Gash system, hailed them before entering orbit, and docked with the orbital station. Once aboard Valkara led Cholaq and his retinue to meet with Kresh and the other Tyr Gash leaders.
  45. Valkara: General Cholaq, This is Sazesht Kresh, his title means First among equals among the Tyr Gash. He is their leader and advocate. Kresh, I present Lieutenant General Cholaq, my commanding officer and Commander of the Wha Cha Wej expeditionary force. He will be making his headquarters here.
  46. Kresh: Qapla’ Lieutenant General! Clutch Mother tells us that is a traditional greeting in your language, meaning success.
  47. Cholaq: (whispering to his aides) They are mere children and I am to work alongside them, as equals? Foolishness! (turning his attention back to Kresh and the other Tyr Gash.) Qapla’! Kresh. I assume your people will not have any problems following my orders.
  48. Kresh: Do not forget, Lt. General, you are our guests.
  49. Cholaq: (rollseyes) Yes. Yes. I know.
  50. Valkara: There will be a period of adjustment for all of us but this partnership is important to the Empire as well as the Tyr Gash. I’m sure the two of you will get along in time.
  51. Cholaq: We shall see.
  52. Kresh: I look forward to getting to know you better, Lt. General.


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  1. Sskald: The following days were busy ones as the Kradec assisted the fleet as well as the Tyr Gash. Though there was much tension between the two groups, everything seemed to be amicable enough by the time the Kradec left orbit to continue the next stage of their mission, finding out what the Tholians are up to in the ‘awtbaq.
  2. Valkara: According to the Pilachio star charts, there’s a cluster of inhabitable systems five light years from here. Set a course.
  3. Purina: Found it. Course laid in.
  4. Krang: I will be on my rounds. Notify me before we arrive.
  5. Valkara: (hestitating) Krang …
  6. Krang: Yes General?
  7. Valkara: uh … (changing her mind) Good work.
  8. Sklood: General, I’m detecting anomalous energy readings.
  9. Valkara: Wait Krang. Where are the readings coming from?
  10. Sklood: On the bridge.
  11. Krang: Yellow Alert!
  12. Valkara: What kind of –
  13. Messenger: I am the Messenger of the Choir and I have returned. I mean you no harm.
  14. Krang: You! (Pulls out his dk’tagh)
  15. Valkara: Stand down Krang.
  16. Krang: But General …
  17. Valkara: The Messenger has not hindered us in any way on this visit. We should hear what the Messenger has to say. Why have you returned Messenger?
  18. Messenger: The choir does not wish for you to interfere with the less developed races in our space. And as such, the planets you are currently approaching are under our protection. Do not forget that you are our guests here. Turn around now.
  19. Valkara: If we are to complete our mission, we must be allowed to travel freely. However, I can assure you that we do not have any intention of interfering with lesser races.
  20. Krang: What I do not understand is why we were allowed to communicate with the Tyr Gash?
  21. Messenger: The Tyr Gash are not a lesser race. They stand apart of the Choir’s influence.
  22. Valkara: Even so, we must be allowed to continue our mission. You have my word of honor that we will not interfere with your people.
  23. Messenger: Then, we have an understanding. You may continue on your way.
  24. Sskald: The Messenger disappeared and the Kradec was allowed to continue on their way. Using long range scans, they examined the life forms on the planets in question. There wasn’t anything of real interest for them to see. So, they continued onward, going deeper into the ‘awtbaq. Over the next few weeks, they warped from planet to planet searching for any sign of the Tholians, but they were nowhere to be found. However, the Kradec came across an energy signature that they were not expecting to find in the ‘awtbaq.
  25. Krang: Romulans … (opens a channel) General Valkara to the bridge.
  26. Valkara: (over com. She was awaken from her sleep.) What is it Krang? I was sleeping.
  27. Krang: We’ve come across a Romulan energy signature not far from our position.
  28. Valkara: Tal Shiar?
  29. Krang: Their transponder codes identify them as Romulan Republic.
  30. Valkara: Very well. I will be right there. Set a course for their position.
  31. Sskald: A short while later, Valkara was on the bridge when the Kradec reached the coordinates where the Romulan energy signature had been.
  32. Valkara: Report!
  33. Krang: The green blooded Qua’hom must have detected our approach and cloaked. The cowards.
  34. To’jet: Or they could be a light year away by now. We don’t know.
  35. Valkara: Open a channel.
  36. To’jet: Channel open.
  37. Valkara: Romulan Vessel. I am General Valkara of the IKS Kradec. We wish to speak with you.
  38. To’jet: No response.
  39. Valkara: Come in Romulan vessel. We mean you no harm. We want to speak with you.
  40. To’jet: I’m not detecting anything. They were here, but they are gone now.
  41. Valkara: Are you picking anything up unusual on sensors?
  42. Sklood: Nothing at all.
  43. Valkara: Can you tell me what they were doing here?
  44. Sklood: We have no way of knowing.
  45. Valkara: Very well. Krang, you have the bridge. I’m going back to bed.
  46. Krang: Yes, General. Purina, resume course.


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  1. Sskald: The Kradec left the area, but Krang refused to believe that the Romulans had left the system. He ordered Sklood to keep monitoring the system long after they left it behind. He was certain they had cloaked and were now in pursuit. But, until the Romulans decided to reveal themselves, there was little he could do but continue their mission. The next few weeks in the ‘awtbaq were uneventful with no further sighting of the Romulans, until an urgent message came in from Kresh on the Tyr Gash home world. Relations between the Tyr Gash and the KDF under Cholaq’s command had soured and the entire alliance was at risk. Valkara ordered the Kradec back to the Tyr Gash homeworld at slipstream.
  2. To’jet: I have a channel to Kresh, General.
  3. Valkara: Open it. (Communication chirp) What has happened?
  4. Kresh: Cholaq is a fool.
  5. Valkara: What happened?
  6. Kresh: I could not allow his disrespect stand a moment later. I grew tired of his belittlement, his hostility, and his antagonism. Honor required that I kill him and have done so by our laws as well as yours.
  7. Valkara: You killed Lt. General Cholaq? I do not understand? You two appeared to be getting along amicably.
  8. Kresh: When construction of the facilities were completed and their operations were turned over to Cholaq, we deactivated Clutch Mother as she intended us to do. Cholaq deemed us to be weak, lesser beings and acted against us. He challenged me for control of the Tyr Gash people and our planet. His actions were without honor. I defended myself and ended his pitiful existence.
  9. Krang: Cholaq was a formidable fighter. You must be a great warrior to have defeated him in honorable combat.
  10. Kresh: I saw little prowess from him. He underestimated me and my people.
  11. Valkara: What do you need?
  12. Kresh: Your people do not believe the Cholaq was slain honorably and it won’t be long before they decide to turn against us. If you want to save any aspect of this alliance, you must return here at once and diffuse this situation before further violence erupts. This is your only chance.
  13. Valkara: We will be there as soon as we can. To’jet, hail the fleet.
  14. To’jet: Ready.
  15. Valkara: This is General Valkara of the IKS Kradec. I know what has occurred. As senior officer within the ‘awtbaq, I am ordering you not to take any further action against our Tyr Gash hosts until we arrive. Any who fail to follow this order will curse the day their parents conceived them. Valkara out. Close the channel to the fleet. Kresh, can I expect the same from you and your people?
  16. Kresh: I will do what I can.
  17. Valkara: It is my hope that you will not judge all Klingons by the actions of a single warrior.
  18. Kresh: We await your arrival.
  19. Valkara: Thank you Kresh. Valkara out.
  20. Sskald: When the Kradec entered orbit, Valkara beamed down alone despite Krang’s request that he accompany her along with their best warriors, but she needed to do this alone. Kresh and an armed security team of Tyr Gash were waiting for her.
  21. Valkara: What is the meaning of this?
  22. Kresh: (speaking to his troops) Stand down and leave us. She has shown unprecedented bravery by returning alone. (speaking to the Valkara). My apologies, General Valkara. My advisors insisted an armed security detail just in case you beamed down with an army.
  23. Valkara: Krang urged me to do the same, but I insisted. With that said, he’s probably monitoring the situation with several teams of armed raiders standing by. Let’s hope that they will be unneeded.
  24. Kresh: Indeed.
  25. Sskald: Valkara and Kresh strolled around the site, speaking frankly with one another. Over that time, they ignored the looming topic at hand as both leaders attempted to learn more about each other. Respect blossomed. They talked for an hour before they finally got down to the future of their alliance. When it was all said and done, Kresh had decided to allow the Klingons to continue using the Tyr Gash facilities on one condition. It was something that Valkara would have to discuss with her superiors, but it was reasonable enough that she should be able to persuade them into agreeing.
  26. Command: What’s the condition?
  27. Valkara: Kresh and the Tyr Gash will only allow the Empire to continue operating the stronghold if I am made Commander of the fleet and liaison with the Tyr Gash.
  28. Command: I see. What about your current mission?
  29. Valkara: Commander Krang is a capable officer with years of experience. He can take command of the Kradec for the time being and continue our mission until relations with the Tyr Gash have been repaired.
  30. Command: I will confer with my superiors.
  31. Sskald: it wasn’t long before Command was back with their decision.
  32. Command: We accept the terms. Qapla’! Fleet General Valkara! Make sure you don’t make us regret this decision as we do with Cholaq.
  33. Valkara: I won’t let you down.
  34. Sskald: But Command had ended the transmission before she could get her reply out. She informed Krang first, Kresh second, and the rest of the fleet of her new rank and duties. A few days later, relations were on the mend by the time the Kradec departed the Tyr Gash homeworld under the command of General Krang.


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(Gates of Sto’vo’kor bar).

  1. G’hargh: I do not believe it.
  2. Korrath: What’s not to believe?
  3. Hauk: For the last time, G’hargh, the Opera was entertainment. It does not attempt to be factual and should not be taken as such.
  4. Karn: I can vouch for the veracity of his story. He believes it to be true.
  5. G’hargh: That’s not what I’m talking about you fools. I do not believe Valkara would give up command of the Kradec so easily.
  6. Deyvid: What is not to understand? She is doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of her mission.
  7. Hauk: It did sound like she intended to reclaim her command once the situation with the Tyr Gash had stabilized.
  8. G’hargh: I still find it hard to believe. Perhaps I will have to make a cargo run to the ‘awtbaq sometime to verify all of these stories of yours Sskald.
  9. Sskald: And when you do, let me know and I will accompany you.
  10. Karn: Oh no. Not again. Sskald, why must you think about that now?
  11. Sskald: (Laughing) Just checking to see if you were still eavesdropping Karn.
  12. Karn: When will I learn to stay out of the minds of Gorn?

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