Messages From the Outback – Part Two

Messages From the Outback – Part Two

MFOB2Gates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part Two: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the epilogue to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, is currently available on Starfinder’s website. Check out the exciting conclusion to this massive Klingon arc for Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder here.

When the other warriors of Sto’vo’kor return from the latest Opera portraying the further adventures of General Valkara and the I.K.S. Kradec, Sskald shares the latest news from the Outback, courtesy of Sklood, his mate and second officer aboard the I.K.S. Kradec. After leaving the Tyr Gash homeworld, the crew makes some new friends and enemies. Once the Klingon fleet arrives, only Valkara can keep the fragile peace between the Klingon Empire and the Tyr Gash from erupting into war. You don’t want to miss this exciting conclusion to a four-part crossover miniseries event between the Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Star Trek: Starfinder.

This episode was Written by Mike Medeiros,  Directed by Mike Medeiros and Ross Bullock, Edited by Ross Bullock, and Produced by Mike Medeiros for Busy Little Beaver Productions. Graphics created by Ross Bullock and George Silsby. Featuring the voice talents of Korrath, G’hargh, Karn, Deyvid, Sskald, Hauk, and the crew of the I.K.S. Kradec.

We are including our original script for this episode for our fans with hearing impairments. You can download the script Gates of Stovokor – Messages From the Outback Part 2 or click the links below and read the script online.

Gates of Sto’vo’kor – Messages From the Outback: Part 2 – Script

Sskald – Ross Bullock

Korrath – Mike Medeiros

G’hargh – Michael Coleman

Hauk – Mike Tripp

Karn – Alan Clifton

Deyvid – DeyvID HolQIn

Valkara – Lacy Bennett

Krang – Mike Medeiros

To’jet – “Hippie” John Scheuerman

Melonar – Anthony Battles

Purina – Michelle Heiner

Messenger – Anthony Battles

Cholaq – Zadok

Clutch Mother – Lem (Kestra) McHardy

Kresh – Oren Ashkenazi

ANN-D – Avi Kerensky

Jorgen – John Barnes

Sklood – Adrianne Grady

(Gates of Sto’vo’kor bar).

  1. G’hargh: I do not believe it.
  2. Korrath: What’s not to believe?
  3. Hauk: For the last time, G’hargh, the Opera was entertainment. It does not attempt to be factual and should not be taken as such.
  4. Karn: I can vouch for the veracity of his story. He believes it to be true.
  5. G’hargh: That’s not what I’m talking about you fools. I do not believe Valkara would give up command of the Kradec so easily.
  6. Deyvid: What is not to understand? She is doing whatever it takes to ensure the success of her mission.
  7. Hauk: It did sound like she intended to reclaim her command once the situation with the Tyr Gash had stabilized.
  8. G’hargh: I still find it hard to believe. Perhaps I will have to make a cargo run to the ‘awtbaq sometime to verify all of these stories of yours Sskald.
  9. Sskald: And when you do, let me know and I will accompany you.
  10. Karn: Oh no. Not again. Sskald, why must you think about that now?
  11. Sskald: (Laughing) Just checking to see if you were still eavesdropping Karn.
  12. Karn: When will I learn to stay out of the minds of Gorn?
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