Messages From the Outback – Part One

Messages From the Outback – Part One

MFOB1 coverGates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part One: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the prelude to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, which will be released on December 5th on Starfinder’s website. Check it out here.

(sounds of a fist fight rises up)

  1. Torq: Break it up you two.
  2. Hathar: Let go of me. I’m going to kill him.
  3. Melonar: Let him try. It’s the most action I’ve seen since we’ve been in the Vogh.
  4. Torq: What happened here?
  5. Hathar: He’s a clumsy idiot. He nearly pushed me into an open plasma relay I was working on.
  6. Melonar: I told you it was an accident.
  7. Hathar: Liar!
  8. Torq: That’s enough. I’m putting the two of you on report. Expect a visit from Commander Krang.
  9. Hathar: Why am I being punished? He tried to kill me.
  10. Melonar: You threw the first punch!
  11. Torq: That’s it! Krang will have to sort it out from the brig. You’re both coming with me.
  12. Sskald: Krang and the other department heads did what they could to keep the ship from degenerating into chaos, but their situation was unique and extreme. They obtained a much needed reprieve when the Messenger returned singing the choir’s song once again.
  13. Messenger: Hold! It is I, the Messenger of the Choir, and I have returned with a request.
  14. Krang: How dare you show your face here again?
  15. Valkara: What is it?
  16. Krang: General, it has taken hold of us. This cannot be tolerated.
  17. Valkara: What do you intend to do Krang? Neither of us have use of our arms and legs, but at least it has allowed us to speak. So, I ask it once again. What is your request?
  18. Messenger: You are but one instrument, when the Choir requires an orchestra to rid this space of those that infest it. They are willing to open a passage to your space, but they need to learn more of your people first.
  19. Krang: You mean to say you could have sent us home all along?
  20. Valkara: Now is not the time Krang. What does the Choir want from us?
  21. Messenger: A song sung in one voice.
  22. Krang: A song. A song? General, we are dealing with madness.
  23. Valkara: Quiet, Krang. Messenger, what song do they want?
  24. Messenger: A song that will tell the Choir about your people.
  25. Valkara: Is that all?
  26. Krang: Which song shall we sing?
  27. Valkara: What you ask is not a simple task. The Empire is made up of many worlds with just as many diverse cultures and even more styles of music.
  28. Messenger: The Choir awaits your song.
  29. Valkara: (opens a channel): Attention crew. The entity known as the Messenger has returned and it has a request. It asks us to sing a song so they can learn about us. We may be warriors of the Empire, but our cultures are uniquely our own. Therefore, I will not choose a song for you. Instead I ask you to sing the song that reminds you of your homes. Sing it now!
  30. Sskald: And, they sang – Hundreds of voices, each with a different song. Klingon operas and Nausicaan dirges; Orion serenades and Gorn Hymns; Ferasan metal and San Taran chants; Ferengi jingles and countless other songs emerged from the bowels of the ship as a cacophony of noise but a harmony of purpose. The Messenger smiled in gratitude at the melody it heard emerging from the racket as it echoed throughout the vessel, giving the Messenger strength.
  31. Messenger: It is done.
  32. Sskald: And, with those final words, the Messenger evaporated into the ether, lifting the paralysis and leaving them with yet another surprise.
  33. To’jet: General, I’m detecting subspace transmissions. They’re Federation.
  34. Valkara: Federation? How can this be?
  35. Sklood: I’m analyzing the com traffic. I’ve locked onto the source of the transmissions. There seems to be a passage through the anomaly field eight light years away, bearing 185 mark 350. It maybe our way home.
  36. To’jet: General, I’m also detecting a large concentration of Tholian vessels a dozen light years in the opposite direction.
  37. Krang: We should investigate this passage and use it to return home.
  38. Valkara: How many vessels?
  39. To’jet: I don’t know hundreds?
  40. Valkara: Hundreds … Duty to our original mission requires us to investigate this gathering.
  41. Krang: We should not pass up this opportunity to return home. Who knows how long the passage will remain open.
  42. Valkara: I understand your concerns, Krang, but honor requires us to continue onward. Open a secure channel with a level Cha encryption algorithm to the home world.
  43. To’jet: Channel open. It is secure.
  44. Valkara: Command, this is General Valkara of the IKS Kradec. Come in Command.
  45. Cholaq: (static rolls through) General Valkara? Confirm your identity now!
  46. Valkara: Valkara – vaghwejloSloSjav.
  47. Cholaq: (static rolls through) Identity confirmed. Where have you been General? We believed you and your crew had gone to Sto-vo-kor.
  48. Valkara: Rest assured that we are very much alive and well. We are transmitting our logs. We have a lead on the Tholians. We are going to remain here in the vogh for the time being, but we need immediate back up.
  49. Cholaq: Acknowledged. I must inform the Chancellor and issue the necessary orders. You will not be alone for long Kradec. Qapla
  50. Sskald: While the Kradec moved toward the Tholian sensor contacts, Command went over the Kradec’s records. They pinpointed the Kradec’s location as within the Outback, a region of unexplored space surrounded by impassible anomalies bordering the Federation and dozens of light years from Klingon space. The Empire could not respond to the Kradec’s call for assistance without revealing their intentions to the Federation. As they prepared a small fleet to join the Kradec, Command classified aspects of her records before releasing the bulk of them to the Harbinger News Service. As the records hit the news net, Klingon Intelligence discovered that Starfleet had learned about the passage into the Outback on their own, and was actively preparing for a mission of exploration into the region. It was time for the diplomats to get involved. Meanwhile, the Kradec closed on the Tholians.
  51. Purina: Commander Krang, we have reached the designated coordinates. The Tholian sensor contacts are just ahead. They are concentrated around a Fek’lir Class planet.
  52. Krang: (opens a com) General Valkara to the bridge. We have arrived. (channel closes) To’jet, have they detected us?
  53. To’jet: If they have, they don’t seem to be concerned.
  54. Krang: That is not an answer.
  55. Valkara: (steps from her office) Cloak and take us in for a closer look.

(the kradec cloaks)

  1. Sskald: As the Kradec approached the Fek’lir class world, it scanned the planet’s surface.
  2. Sklood (gasps in surprised disbelief)
  3. Krang: Report the scan results, Sklood.
  4. To’jet: Transferring sensor data to main view screen.
  5. Sskald: A Hush fell over the bridge. The planet was not just some world the Tholians were investigating; or had even colonized. This world was theirs. There were dozens of metropolises with billions of Tholian lifesigns scattered over the planet’s inhospitable surface. Hundreds, if not thousands, of cities with millions of inhabitants, and tens of thousands of other settlements. The Kradec had discovered another Tholian home world.
  6. Valkara: (whispered) Get us out of here. (when Purina fails to obey the order, she yells) HeD!
  7. Sskald: The unexpected order to retreat woke everyone from their stunned stupor. The Kradec jumped to warp and made way for the passage home quickly. Valkara, meanwhile, went directly to her ready room without another word. Command needed to know what they had found. She needed new orders.
  8. Cholaq: The Empire is staking a claim on the ‘awtbaq and establishing a permanent presence. By the time the fleet reaches the passage, you must have somewhere to send them. Do I make myself understood?
  9. Valkara: We will be ready for them when they arrive.
  10. Cholaq: Make sure you do. Qapla! End transmission.
  11. Valkara: (opens a com to the bridge) Krang, Sklood, To’jet. Get in here.

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