Messages From the Outback – Part One

Messages From the Outback – Part One

MFOB1 coverGates of Sto’vo’kor is proud to present Messages From the Outback – Part One: A Gates Of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder Crossover Special. This episode is the prelude to the Starfinder two part story Starfinder: A Gorn of A Different Color, which will be released on December 5th on Starfinder’s website. Check it out here.

(Back to the Kradek)

  1. Krang: According to the crew database, you will be heading the Science Department. I am assigning you to the bridge’s primary science station for shift Wah.
  2. Sklood: As you say, Commander.
  3. Krang: Come. Let me give you a tour of the ship. We have one of the most diverse crews in all of the Empire. You will be expected to work side by side with Klingons, Orions, Ferasans, and aliens from all over the quadrant. I assume this will not be a problem for you?
  4. Sklood: I do not foresee any issues. I will do my duty.
  5. Sskald: After showing her around the ship, meeting her staff and the rest of the bridge crew, Sklood and Krang went to the mess hall to socialize with the rest of the crew. While Krang introduced her to the subtleties of warnog, Sklood noticed a distinct pattern taking shape within the mess hall among the crew – they were congregating along racial lines.
  6. Sklood: Does the General disapprove of inter-species fraternization?
  7. Krang: Of course not.
  8. Sklood: Can you tell me why it appears that every table seems to be claimed by members of the same species?
  9. Krang: (laughs) Is this the first time you’ve served on a ship on its maiden voyage?
  10. Sklood: It is.
  11. Krang: I thought so. For a lot of these crewmen, it’s their first time as well. I have dealt with it before. It’s a common occurrence under these circumstances. It’s my job to bring them together under the General’s command. You can rest assured that in a matter of weeks, this crew will be united and running like a well-tuned warp core.
  12. Sklood: That is good to hear, Commander. I can only imagine the issues that would arise if this situation is left to fester on its own.
  13. Krang: (smiling) Very observant, Sklood. I think you will be a great benefit to the crew of the Kradec. And, please call me Krang.
  14. Sskald: A few days later, the Kradec pulled out of space dock for the first time and left Qo’noS for the Neutral Zone. They did not get far before something got Sklood’s attention.
  15. Sklood: General, I’m detecting a strange energy reading on long range sensors. Its signature is a match for a Tholian Interspatial Rift. Distance, 12 light years.
  16. Valkara: Purina. Adjust our heading to investigate.
  17. Purina: Aye General.
  18. Valkara: Sklood, are you detecting any Tholian ships in the area?
  19. Sklood: We are too far out.
  20. Valkara: Keep an eye on it. To’jet, I want the element of surprise. Cloak us the moment we drop out of Slipstream. It is time to see what this Bortas class Battle cruiser can do! They will learn not to trespass in Klingon space.
  21. To’jet: Yes, General!
  22. Valkara: Jessup, how is engineering? I hope you are ready to take the ship into battle.
  23. Jessup: All systems are ready. I am eager to see what she can do.
  24. Valkara: (laughs) You will get your chance, my friend.
  25. Sskald: When the Kradec reached the interspatial rift they found a Tholian Tarantula waiting for them. As ordered, the Kradec cloaked and got into position for their first strike. However, the Tholians were ready for them and opened fire the moment the Kradec decloaked.

(ship decloaking, followed by heavy weapon’s fire from both vessels).

  1. Sskald: Both vessels took heavy damage.

(explosions are heard from the Kradec’s bridge)

  1. Jessup: We’ve got a hull breach! Damage Control Teams are responding.
  2. To’jet: The Tholians are retreating through the rift.
  3. Valkara: Stay with them. We cannot let them escape.
  4. Purina: Yes, General! Laying in a pursuit course.

(more explosions are heard)

  1. To’jet: The Tholians are gone. They have disappeared through the rift.
  2. Valkara: Follow them in.
  3. Krang: We do not know what is on the other side. I suggest we launch a probe to make sure that we are not being led into an ambush.
  4. Valkara: (torn between decisions) The Empire is counting on us. Jessup, launch a probe.
  5. Jessup: Yes General. … The probe is ready.
  6. Valkara: Launch.
  7. Sklood: Telemetry is coming in. The signal is strong.
  8. To’jet: The probe has entered the rift.
  9. Sklood: Scan underway. … General! The Tholians just destroyed our probe.
  10. Valkara: What is on the other side?
  11. Sklood: I am reviewing the data, but it appears the Tholian vessel is alone.
  12. Valkara: Take us into the rift.
  13. Sskald: And the IKS Kradec entered the rift in pursuit of the Tholians, unaware that it would be the last time the homeworld would have contact with them.
  14. Valkara: BaH! Fire everything! That ship must not be allowed to defy the Klingon Empire’s sovereignty.

(more explosions)

  1. Sskald: After several minutes of intense combat, the Tholians were destroyed. (distant explosion followed by a moment of silence.) Although, the Kradec had taken moderate damage, there was another matter of even greater importance.
  2. Valkara: Report our position?
  3. Sklood: Analyzing star charts. … No match. … Verifying marker stars and Imperial waypoint relays…none detected. That puts us at least 2 thousand light years from our previous position. However, without reference stars to guide from, we could be much further out than that.
  4. Purina: So this is what unexplored space looks like.
  5. To’jet: Shut up feline, before I skin you and hang your hide on my wall!
  6. Valkara: Jessup, do we have any more probes? I want to collect all the information we can get before returning to Klingon space.
  7. Jessup: I’ve got two more probes ready.
  8. Valkara: Launch when ready. Sklood, I want you to keep an eye on that interspatial rift. I want to know how long we can safely remain here.
  9. Sklood: It is too late, General. The rift is collapsing. The Tholians must have been keeping the rift open. When we destroyed them the rift began to collapse.
  10. Krang: Purina, Get us out of here!
  11. Purina: Right away!
  12. Sklood: We are not going to make it. It is collapsing too quickly.
  13. Valkara: We need more speed!
  14. Jessup: You have it, my General!
  15. Sskald: But it was not enough. The rift closed and they were stranded with no obvious way to return home. Their only hope of getting back and continuing their original mission was to find out what the Tholians were doing in that area. However, before heading out, they received an unexpected visitor.
  16. Jessup: General, the engines have gone offline.
  17. Krang: What happened?
  18. Jessup: I don’t know. There is no reason for it.
  19. To’jet: Intruder Alert!
  20. Messenger: (melodious voice) Stop!
  21. Sskald: Involuntarily, they obeyed the command as if a stasis field had descended upon them. They couldn’t move. They couldn’t speak. All they could do was listen to the Messenger’s song
  22. Messenger: I am the Messenger. I sing on behalf of the Choir. We know all that reside in this place, and yet, your kind is unknown to us. You vanquished one of those that seek to disrupt our harmony. You have our gratitude and may remain, while the choir composes a new verse to our song – your verse.
  23. Sskald: As suddenly as the Messenger had appeared, it was gone and the stasis field with it.
  24. Valkara: What was that?
  25. To’jet: I do not know, but it seems we have gained their approval.
  26. Krang: I do not care for their approval. I just wish to know if they are friend or foe.
  27. Valkara: It seems only time will tell.
  28. Sskald: As the Kradec searched for the Tholians and a way home, they began referring to the region as Vo – vo – the Klingon word for somewhere.
  29. Deyvid: The word is pronounced “Vogh.”
  30. Sskald: As the days stretched into weeks, the Tholians seemed to play a game of cat and mouse with them. Whenever a Tholian vessel or an interspatial rift was detected in the region, it was gone before the Kradec could arrive. Tensions aboard ship mounted and Krang’s hope to integrate the crew began to slip through his fingers as many blamed General Valkara for stranding them in the Vogh. Arguments and infighting increased.

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