The Return of Gates of Sto’vo’kor

The Return of Gates of Sto’vo’kor

GoS_med-logo-whiteGates of Sto’vo’kor has been on hiatus for quite awhile, but we have not forgotten. The rumors of our demise were greatly exaggerated. We may have been down, but we were not out. We are back and are gearing up for a new season of battle, song, and bloodwine.

So, what happened?

I won’t go into all of the details, but will say a number of personal and work-related issues came up for many of us that drew our attention away from the show. While we took care of business, regrettably, that allowed Gates of Sto’vo’kor to go neglected for much longer than any of us had anticipated. Now that we have gotten our Letheans all in a row, it’s time to refocus on the Gates of Sto’vo’kor and bring it back in a big way.

Our first step is to hold a meeting with our staff. I’ve put a call out to the Warrior’s of Sto’vo’kor and hope to have a meeting in the next week or two to get us all on the same page. During this upcoming meeting, there will be two major points of discussion: Season 3 Production, and Season 4 brainstorming. I am sure other topics will be included and one will take substantially more time than the other, but we are going to get the gears going.

Shortly after that, in the next couple of months, we will be releasing a pair of episodes. They are Gates of Sto’vo’kor and Starfinder crossovers. Post-Production on these episodes has begun and a massive two-part adventure for Starfinder that was written, directed, produced, and edited by Gates of Sto’vo’kor staff members is already complete and will be released by the end of the year. If you’d like to hear a teaser scene from the upcoming Starfinder episodes, please visit our sister site USS Starfinder.

Once these episodes have been released, we will drop out of sight once again as we focus on production of Season 3 for Gates of Sto’vo’kor. We have nearly twenty scripts written and ready to go for the upcoming season and intend to produce the lion’s share of these episodes before releasing any of them. However, you can expect blogs, teasers, and sample scenes to be released as we progress through them. So, keep an eye out for these soon.

Over the next several weeks, we will be putting out calls for editors, voice actors, and more as we get production into full swing. If you want to help, feel free to contact us at hosts at gatesofstovokor dot com.

We thank all of our family, friends, and fans for your patience with us.


Mike Medeiros

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