GoS – Tribble Nibbles – Fleet Ships Gated Into Fleet Holdings?

Several players (me included) feel like we have either been slapped across the face. This includes several folks from the Klingon player base and others from small fleets.



The following comes from Tribble Notes – October 11, 2013 :

Spire Fleet Holding:

  • <<snip>>
    • Provisioning
      • <<snip>>
      • Special standard starships and fleet starships become unlocked as you progress through the main Spire track. These must be purchased using Fleet Credits, Fleet Modules and Military Personal Requisition Provisioning from your Starbase. Below are the starships that can be earned and at which Tier they become available:
        • Spire Tier 1
        • Spire Tier 2
          • Fleet Peghqu’ Heavy Destroyer – KDF Only*
          • Fleet Chimera Heavy Destroyer – Starfleet Only*
          • Fleet Daeinos Heavy Destroyer – Romulan Republic Only*
            • *NOTE: The above Fleet Ships require that the player owns the existing non-fleet version of the Veteran Ships (1000 day veteran) to be able to purchase them.
        • Spire Tier 3
          • Fleet Kar’fi Battle Carrier – KDF Only
          • Fleet Caitian Atrox Carrier – Starfleet Only
          • Fleet Ar’Kif Tactical Warbird Retrofit – Romulan Republic Only<<end snips>>


For a LONG LONG LONG LONG time, KDF players have waited for a fleet version of the Kar’fi Battle Carrier.

They have counted the number of Fed ships (several more) vs. the number of KDF ships (several less) available within fleet shipyards, see the distance between the numbers available and then dream of the day a fleet Kar’fi and other ships might be added.

Now, they find out they are getting that ship, however …. it’s being gated.

Instead of finding it within one of the tiers of the fleet shipyard attached to a fleet starbase, the Kar’fi joins other new fleet ship releases announced that will be accessible only through the forthcoming “Spire Holding.”

A fleet holding … NOT the shipyards fleets have put blood sweat and tears into thus far.

This new game mechanic just doesn’t feel right to me. It just does NOT seem fair.

KDF players have waited forever it seems for this ship and its going into a fleet holding whereas the newly released FED Avenger-class had its fleet version released immediately.

And where was the fleet Avenger placed? … WIthin the currently existing fleet shipyards  associated with starbases.

Ummm … Why did that ship go into the shipyards?

Why also did the Romulans for that matter have to wait for their fleet ship version of the Ar’Kif Tactical Warbird Retrofit (also recently released) and why is that new ROM ship also gated behind the Spire as well?

I mention the Romulan ship simply to point out a difference between the Federation faction vs. the others.

Yeah … The Romulan ship and KDF’s Kar’fi are carrier ships, maybe that’s the reason they’re in the Spire holding?

But no … Isn’t there already a KDF carrier in the current fleet shipyards in addition to the FED’s heavy escort carrier in the FED fleet shipyards? … So, the fact they carry fighters obviously has nothing to do with it?

Could it be because they’re alien designs? … Well, the Romulan one is a Romulan design so even that theory is toast.

The KDF fleet I’m in is a small fleet that has just sent our Tier V shipyard upgrade project to timer. This means we will have a Tier V ship yard in just under two weeks.

Why did we grind to Tier V shipyard? … We did it in preparation for not just current fleet ships but also for hoped for future fleet ships to be released.

So much for that idea as now the gate is being opened for fleet ships to no longer be exclusive to shipyards. Now, they can be tied to other fleet holdings as well.

Heck, current speculation among players is the Spire holding is likely only the first. Now that the door is opened, many believe future fleet ships will be attached to either Spire or OTHER / future fleet holdings as well.

This brings me to the second slap … small fleets.

As I stated, the small KDF fleet I’m with is about to have a Tier V ship yard *plus* we have just completed our Tier III dilithium mine.

Our FED fleet, however, feels like it’s stuck in quicksand.

Point is that in small fleets … the weight of the grind is literally on the shoulders of just a handful of people unlike in larger fleets.

Those small fleets have worked HARD HARD HARD to get what they have.

Our KDF fleet was SO excited when we sent the final ship yard tier to timer as it had been a very LONG road. Now, we would finally gain access to all the fleet ships, both present and future … or so we thought.

Finding out that Cryptic is going to begin gating some of the new fleet ships via other holdings? …. “kerrrSLAP!”

More endless grinding on grinding on grinding on grinding to unlock what we thought we’d already unlocked … and most small fleets aren’t as lucky as we are to have a dedicated player who spends hours in game each day making it happen.

This move feels like Cryptic forcing us to work on the Spire Holding even when some fleets might want to put it off and concentrate on their starbases instead.

May not be what Cryptic intend, but its what many feel.

Simply … Those ships should be in the shipyards where fleets have already poured in MASSIVE amounts of blood, sweat. tears and dilithium … plain and simple.

Dividing up those ships divides the focus of what has to be done to access fleet ships — resource gathering divides and so does the effort / desire to get it all done.

More hardships on those already busting their backsides to advance in the fleet system.

It feels like Cryptic is forcing small fleets further down the hole towards oblivion, not realizing that players are leaving small fleets in frustration. NOT going to larger fleets, but leaving the game outright in frustration.

I can name more players I’ve personally seen leave than I have fingers and toes. (And those are just the ones I know myself.)

Cryptic … Please wake up and look towards the needs of the Klingon faction players. … Please wake up and look towards the needs of the smaller fleets.

Maybe you already think you’re doing such, but many of us players just aren’t seeing it.


— Gen. Hauk
aka. Pathfinder

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